A Better Black Friday

Black Friday really sneaked up on us.    One moment it was something those wacky Americans were doing and in the next breath it was popping up in our own malls and stores.   It does not seem to matter that our own Thanksgiving was celebrated in October.   Nor does the  fact that our flagging dollar has dampened much of the enthusiasm for cross border shopping.   As the official kick off for the holiday shopping season, it sadly seems to be here to stay.

Personally, I think the best bit about Black Friday is the way several smart shelters south of the border have used it as a spring board to promote adopting black pets!    What a clever, clever Idea!

Who knows why black pets are harder to find homes for?   Is it because in days of yore some of our European tribal ancestors may have believed white cats to be holy?   That our cultural memories attach the opposite of holiness to black cats?    That we as a culture see black as a colour of mourning.   Is it because Hollywood has a long standing tradition of dressing its villains in black?

Who knows?    Yet if we look at it from a more pet savvy perspective, we would realize that many black cats have a fair bit of Burmese in their family tree.  This is an affectionate breed that is renowned for their loyalty and devotion to their humans.    From a personal perspective, in a house with five cats, it is my black cat Clive who is the most sociable and friendliest whenever visitors come calling

The three black beauties in the slideshow at the top of the page are all available for adoption at the Kings County SPCA.    They are all as big and as beautiful as they are going to get.   At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, it is always easier to find a kindred spirit in an adult cat who has already settled into their personality.

One of the loveliest big dogs that I have seen in all my time of promoting pet adoption is in the care of No chains ALL Love Nova Scotia.   Jax is a fairly young gentle giant who was tied out 24/7.   When he was rescued his muzzle was taped shut 😦   In the words of his foster Mom, he is just a baby.     Jax is so gentle that Joan has begun the process for him to become a St John’s Ambulance therapy dog.   It is possible that might be a non starter because is deaf, but it speaks volumes about his temperament that this is even on the table.

What time is it?    It is always time to remember that the season was never be about how many gadgets and toys are under the tree.   None of that matters without love.