Never, ever too old to be loved

I have never been a fan of daylight savings time.   As a shift worker, I often got the short end of the stick when we would ‘spring forward’.     To be perfectly honest, that extra hour of sleep in the fall has been at best a consolation prize for such foolishness.

What difference does an hour really make?   If I had my pick, this year I would have turned my clocks back a year.  Back to when we were still a four dog house.   Back to when we were blissfully unaware that we were readying for our last holiday season together.   Back.   Back.   Back.

Does that mean that I have changed my mind?   That I will start adopting younger dogs?   Dogs under ten instead of over?   Of course not!    At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, I still believe that senior pets bring a special  Zen to any space they inhabit.

Nor is it all humdrum and naps!     I would not have missed Rascal’s delight in discovering our woodland trails or Mandy’s barking, bouncing  infatuation with Miss Ruby.  Or Winnie’s joy in his new safe, snuggly life.   Or Tinker’s transformation from shaggy vagabond to elegant poodle.   Or Andy’s happiness in having soft cooked food that his toothless self could comfortably eat.

Yes, I will admit that I did not get to love any of them for fifteen or twenty years.    Does that mean that I am made out of steel?   That my heart does not shatter each and every time one goes over the bridge?    Of course not!

But here Is the thing ….. senior pets are funny and quirky and sweet.    In short .. they are exactly my cup of tea.   I like sleeping through the night.    It’s nice to be able to leave my slippers on the floor by my bed and my shoes by the door.     When I am all tuckered out from stacking wood or tilling, it is lovely to share space with  dogs that are just happy to hang out.    And when we do want to go do something interesting, there are lots of sweaters and snuggli’s and even a stroller so that everyone can come along comfortably.

Does this mean that I am going to run right out and adopt another senior dog or two?   Not yet.   After losing two in less than six months, I am nowhere near ready to start ‘looking’.   But then, after such a great loss, it is possible that I may never be really be ‘over it’.   The best I can promise is that I still believe that the most meaningful way to honour the life of a good dog is to save a life by adopting another.

Maybe not today.  Or this week.   Or this month … although November IS Adopt a Senior Pet Month!     But I can promise that when I do adopt another dog, he will be over ten …. because I know first hand that older dogs really ARE more experienced at love.