A little chat about the 72 hour thing

We have been swimming in a sea of sadness here.   It was only three weeks ago this morning that Mandy went over the bridge … and we all are still adjusting to our new three dog life.    Rascal has taken to sleeping in her favourite bed with her blankie.    Her leashes and coats and harness are still hanging up on the wall.    The little pink stroller is still parked by the door.    And I am still reaching for the fourth dish when dinnertime rolls around.

So it should come as no surprise that the whole hoopla about the new Cat Bylaw in Annapolis County  slipped under my radar.  I completely missed the news articles about the local outrage.  I had absolutely no idea that the new by-law had inspired international outrage.

So I knuckled down to read the Bylaw, braced for the worst.   After all, our own cat bylaw here in Kings County was the mother of a lot of catch and kill, eh?

What do I think?    Personally I think anyone who is outraged about the 72 hour issue has not been paying any attention to Nova Scotia animal control bylaws anywhere.     That has been standard practice around this province at least as long as I have been blogging about animal welfare issues.

To be perfectly honest, I am never going to have a huge warm and fuzzy about cat at large bylaws.   All too often they are used as a vehicle to kill feral cats.   But wait a minute … wots this?   ” 7.   When a cat which is at large is determined to be feral, Municipal Staff may, without notice or complaint against the owner, contact and arrange with a rescue organization for the cat to be trapped, spayed / neutered and returned if possible.”

Huh!    And I was pretty darned surprised that no mention was made of the role that CAPS has played in rescuing many cats and kittens from the Annapolis Pound.   As a matter of fact, that is the ONLY way animals come into CAPS care, eh?   And before the keyboards cat(ch) on fire, THAT is not top-secret information either.

Then there is the teeny little detail that with the new legislation, any animals that are “sold’ will have to come with a vet certificate of health.   Sadly that does not mean they have to be spayed, but the increased cost will no doubt affect the price one would pay to adopt directly from the pound, eh?

The thing that I REALLY do not like is the same bit that bothers me about all the cat and dog bylaws in this province … that animals can be seized or worse ” , without notice or complaint against the owner”   That is the bit that should be shouted from the rooftops, imho.  But hey … I am just a middle-aged grandmother … not a legal expert, eh?

If I have learned one thing over my years of blogging is that it is easy for folks to get wound up about issues on the internet..   Now don’t get me wrong … that is often a Very Good Thing.    If there is one thing the internet is fabulous for, it is the ability to keep the public informed about issues and legislation that our politicians would prefer we forget.

Now this is when people are going to want to throw things at their computer screens.    Like anything else in life, there is also a downside.   Wot?    How could there possibly be a downside to letting information flow freely?

The simple answer is that everything flows so freely that sometimes people do not stop and investigate and / or think for themselves.     It is just too convenient and easy to take everything at face value, isn’t it?     And of course …. what could be more satisfying that sending off an outraged email to the politicians responsible for such a kafuffle?

Unless of course, one actually wanted to effect change instead of simply feeling good.     Not to be mean, but if people are all wound up about the same old 72 hour hold period that has been around for years … perhaps they could get out of their computer chairs and do something sensible to help.

There ARE rescue groups around that do take animals from pounds around the province.     Why not offer to foster?     The simple, unvarnished truth is that intake for every rescue … and most shelters … Is limited to the number of foster parents they have.    Straight, sweet and simple!    If folks are all fired up, what better way to ensure better outcomes for more AC impounds?

Or … as the old poster on my laundry room wall with the gaggle of geese states “Do something!   Lead, follow or get out of the way”

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