A little chat about the Other Ninety-Nine Percent

It is truly a beautiful thing to see such a gentle rain falling on my freshly planted garden this morning.    Is planting in June now going to be the new normal?   Is this still a Zone 6B?   Will the gardening zone maps that were revised in 2002 need to be redone again soon?   Who knows?

The sticky subject of whether there will be any federal government scientists left to do so is a testy topic better suited to a blog with a different focus than this one, eh?     One thing is for certain  …. the days of planting seeds in April and tender transplants in May have definitely gone the way of the Dodo.

One thing has definitely not changed.     In catrescuespeak, this is still kitten season.    In spite of every cat rescuer’s best efforts, there is still an annual flood of kittens.     In a world where eight  year olds have easily mastered techno toy skills, how is it possible that our politicians cannot grasp the simple fact that the only way to fix the cat overpopulation problem is to fix the cats?

Straight, sweet and simple!    It does not matter who owns them!    Unaltered stray and feral cats can punch out litter after litter just as quickly as the owned cats do, eh?      The only good news on the horizon is that when rescues have the resources to rescue momcats, their kittens are generally not all that hard to adopt.   Really … what could be more appealing than a basketful of homeless kittens, eh?

Sadly the same is not true for the many, many adult cats who are lucky enough to find room at the inn with a rescue or shelter.    I have been meaning to talk about this for a bit … before real life got in the way in the form of  a fast and furious battle with Mandy’s cancer that swept everything else away.

I have always known … from my work with the homeless pet site .. that it takes adult cats much longer to be adopted.   That the most beautiful cats can linger on the shelf as if they are somehow past their best before date.    That all too many people do not understand that adult cats are clever enough to recognize the value of a second chance at love!

Just before my little Zen universe shifted, I did a bit of tallying around of all the cats and kittens that I could find for adoption in this province.     Now I knew that the adult cats would represent the majority of listings, but even I was surprised to discover that NINETY-NINE percent of the cats listed for adoption were adults!   NINETY-NINE PERCENT!

Mind you, a good pal of mine who has her finger on the pulse of cat rescue in this province was not one bit surprised!    Unless the rescue is way off the beaten path, kittens generally get adopted like hotcakes!   Especially these days as pet adoption is becoming more and more mainstream.

Yet I have seen some of the most beautiful adult cats wait for months and even years to have their own Happy Tail.    Why is that a problem?   Are they not safe?    In most cases they are safe.

But .. at the end of the day it always comes back to being a simple matter of math.    There are not an infinite number of rescue  and shelter slots.    What does that mean in realspeak?   Why of course that the number of adult cats who can be rescued and saved is directly correlated to the number of adult cats who get adopted.   It is as simple as that.

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record …. there are ever so many good reasons to think about adopting an adult cat.    Cats remain playful for all their lives … not just for the first two months!    Adult cats are affectionate and are often run to the door to meet you friendly.   An adult cat is already as big and as beautiful as he or she is going to get … so it is easier to find a true kindred sprit!    Best of all of course is that adult cats are clever enough to appreciate the value of a second chance at love!

What time is it?    It is always time to remember the power of word of mouth.    Talk to your friends and family and neighbours about the benefits of adopting an adult cat from rescue.   At the end of the day, that is every bit as important as reminding your politicians that support for spay neuter is important to you as a tax paying voter.

PS … Telly ..pictured above, is available for adoption from Safe Haven Animal Rescue .

Epi and Adi, pictured below  ….  along with many other lovely cats, are available for adoption from Spay Day Nova Scotia


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