Never underestimate the value of experience

It is no secret that I dearly love my five kitty cats!    What is NOT to love?   They are all loyal and devoted!   Even better, they are the best muses one could wish for when writing or webcrafting!  Best of all of course is that over the years they have pussyfooted their way to a Zen little comfort zone with each other that is just a joy to be around!

So … did they grow up together here?   Of course not!    Did they all come here as kittens?   Not even close!    Nor would there be any discernible way for a first time visitor to guess which kitties came here as adults!

One of the best kept secrets about kitty cats is that adult cats often make more fabulous companions than kittens!   Why would I say that?    Don’t youngsters bond better?   Not necessarily!

Here is the thing … a well cared for indoor only cat can live for a long, long time!    And before the keyboards cat(ch) on fire, yes I do know that even twenty years is still never enough, eh?  But here is the other thing … cats are only in that all eyes and ears and tail stage for an incredibly short period of time!

Even better, cats do not bring our human hang-ups to the table.     Morgan does not have to go off to group therapy for the rough start she had!      Nor have I ever had an adult  kitty show up in my country dooryard and critique the chow or the décor!   No sir … each and every one has been clever enough to appreciate the pawsibilities without dwelling on the past!

Best of all of course is even middle-aged adult cats can still have years and years of love to offer!   Oscar has been here for six years now and barring any unanticipated sadness, there is no reason to believe that we will not have years and years together yet!

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, there really is no downside to adopting an adult cat!      They are already as big and as beautiful as they are going to get!    When cats are mature enough to already have their personalities formed, it can be much easier to recognize a kindred spirit!    And of course, there is always the added advantage of finding a new pal who is already litter box trained and past singing for his mommy in the midnight hours 🙂

Really, it is just frosting on the cake that adopting an adult pussy cat is an excellent way to demonstrate the value of compassion to children!

Right now, as we speak, like every other rescue in this province …. Spay Day NS has beautiful adult kitties in care.

Each and every one will make wonderful companions!    And of course, the kind hearts who adopt one of these lovelies will also be getting very good value for their very modest adoption fees.

What time is it?    It is always time to remember that every adoption save two lives … by making ‘room at the inn’ for one more.

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