A little chat about loopholes


To be perfectly honest, I rather like rainy days at this time of year!   Does this mean that I am tired of yard and garden chores already?   That I am ready for a break?   Not even close!

Actually, rain is particularly helpful today.   The moon is in one of its most fruitful phases (fourth quarter, Pisces)  for transplanting.   As with everything else in life, gardening success often depends more on timing than good luck, eh?     The wet weather is just like the prize in the cracker jack box!   Not only will it save watering time today, but it will really get all the perennial divisions off to the best possible start!

It is no secret that I love terriers as much as I love gardening!   What is not to love?    They are fun-loving and full of shenanigans!  Even better,  terriers are thinking dogs who are full of personality!    Best of all of course is that terriers are renowned for their devotion and loyalty for humans who understand they are companions, not possessions!

Last week, the Animal Rescue Coalitions took in a tattered little terrier named Binky who had been obviously living rough for a long, long time!    Indeed, it is very possible that Binky never saw the inside of a house before he was rescued.

On a good day,  when there are no health issues or neglect, rescues spend a LOT of money on vet bills!   For a fellow like Binky, who will need an eye removed along with all the other basic bits, the tab can quickly run up!

The good news is that Binky is a dog!   What does that mean in realspeak?   Simply that he does not bring any of our human hangups to the table.    He may have been utterly unaccustomed to domestic bliss … but he is also a very quick study.     Binky obviously loves this wonderful new direction his life has taken and is eager and willing to pull out all the stops to learn the house rules!

His Foster Mum is certainly very impressed and tells me that Binky is a very special boy indeed!     Once he has recuperated from his surgery and is fully assessed, the Animal Rescue Coalitions will find the home that is the best fit for this wonderful, brave boy!  As a sidebar note to that, if kind hearts want to help with ARC’s vet bills, they can CLICK HERE for more info on how to help

Is Binky the only dog they have in care?   Of course not!    Every week new dogs come into their care!   Some are owner surrenders.   Others follow a well-worn path from Colchester AC to ARC.   And some simply find their way into ARC’s care after a call from an animal clinic!

Would it be easier if Kijiji had completely stopped listing living breathing sentient beings on their site?    Not to be churlish .. because it WAS helpful that they stopped listing the ‘free to a good homes”    … but there are still a preponderance of ads for pure bread dogs and designer ( read expensive mutt) puppies.

And THAT does not even include the ads posted by people looking for cheap or free puppies, eh?     One has to wonder how effective the ‘free’ ban is when every day people come up with new ways to circumvent that, eh?

What time is it?     As long as there are dogs in need it is time to be grateful for the good work done by reputable rescues like The Animal Coalitions.   PS .. Kijiji it is also time to put your heart into turning off the tap!

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