A little ode to #1228

What a cold miserable morning out there!    Mind you, it will be a great day for doing heavy yard chores 🙂    Even better, it is just cold enough to keep those darned bugs at bay.   Best of all of course is that at least we did not get the wet snow that last night’s forecast had promised!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day!   What does that mean in realspeak if you don’t have any human offspring of your own?   Plenty actually.    Savvy gardeners know that, in this province at least, this is usually the best weekend of the year for sales as the race kicks off for the big bucks that homeowners spend on trees and shrubbery!   Traditionally, it has also been an excellent time … in this somewhat sexist world we still live in … to buy small appliances 🙂

Mind you .. things are nowhere near as rosy for cats and dogs!     There are no wild commercial extravaganza  celebrations of motherhood for them!    Indeed, many pregnant pets are left to fend for themselves and find out first hand what survival of the fittest means 😦

To make matters worse, even when little Momcats or dogs are lucky enough to be rescued with their litters, the little mothers often ‘sit on the shelf’ long after their offspring have been adopted!   As if they were … after all that they had been through .. somehow secondhand and second rate!

This of course is why I have such a soft spot for Spay Day NS.    Although they do occasionally rescue, their core mandate is so beautifully and elegantly simple.   They spay and neuter cats.   Straight, sweet and simple!

For four years, Linda Felix and her team of dedicated volunteers have been doing this.   They make it very easy for cat owners who cannot afford to spay and neuter their cats.   In their own words “We strive to over come the obstacles to having cats spayed or neutered. We make the clinic appointment, provide the cat carrier and the drive to the appointment. We return the cat back home and discuss after care with the owner.  We provide education to the cat owner on the benefits of spaying, neutering and keeping their cat indoors.”

Are they the first ones to spay and neuter cats?   Of course not!   Cat rescues have been quietly doing this for years for both rescued and owned cats.   Not to take anything away from that work, what makes Spay Day so special is that their willingness to collaborate with other groups and with the society.

Today … as we speak … Spay Day is running a Mega Twenty-Six Cat Spay Day.   Early this morning, volunteers with carriers picked up cats from all around the city and delivered them to their clinic appointments!    Wow!   What does that mean in realspeak?   Simply that the surgeries are really only the tip of the iceberg!     Without the behind the scenes fundraising and application checking, there would be no marvelous days like this!

What time is it?   It is always time to applaud spay neuter work in this province.   Of equal import .. it is always, always time to applaud the kind of collaboration that is needed to make a meaningful difference for cats!

PS ….today will make a total of ONE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-EIGHT spays and neuters  Spay Day NS has done in the four years since they began this good work!      At the end of the day, the ONLY way to fix the cat overpopulation problem is to fix the cats!


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