A little musing about the possible

It is such a joy to see bare ground after the winter we just had.   The only downside of course is that we have catapulted from winter wonderland straight into late spring.    Why I am whining?   Was I not waiting for the good weather to roll?

Of course I was!   But at the risk of sounding churlish,  now I am playing catch up on all the April yard and garden chores that simply could not be done through the snow  🙂   Living proof once again of course about the home truths in adages about best laid plans, eh?    Really .. why should anyone bother making plans?

Then of course I cat(ch) myself and remember how far the hard-working cat rescuers and advocates in this province have come in such a relatively short time.    Eight years ago, who would have imagined Tuxedo Stan?   Earl Grey?   Spay Day NS?    That the society would start up its own low-cost high volume spay neuter clinics?   Who  could have dared to dream that we actually would see off site cat adoptions in pet stores?  Or cat adoption events?

So does this mean that the problem is all … pardon the bad pun .. fixed?    Not even close!   After so many years of neglect .. everyone will still be playing cat(ch) up for a long time to come.

Why would I say this?   Is it not absolutely awesome that action is being taken on so many fronts?   Of course it is … but … at the risk of sounding churlish this is still not the time for complacency.     When cat rescuers are struggling to cat(ch) up on years and years of TNR chores, this is still not the time to get comfortable!

And of course this is still very much the time to contribute to the cat rescues who are dancing as fast as they can to cat(ch) up!    We could only wish that our politicians could be so frugal with our money as cat rescuers are!   Truth be told, every cat rescuer I know could give lessons in getting good value for every dollar to our elected officials!

There are so many, many ways that anyone can help:

  • donate money of course to your favourite rescue or shelter.   Helpful hint, if a tax receipt is important to you, ask in advance if they have current CRA status as not all groups do.
  • support your local low-cost high volume spay neuter clinic
  • donate supplies to your favourite group.  Not sure what they need?   Check their website page for their wish list 🙂
  • donate funds to the rescue account at the animal clinic that provides their support.   If you are not sure, generally all you have to do is ask.
  • volunteer your time.   The rescue world is powered by volunteer love.   If you can drive a cat to a spay appointment or deliver a bag of food to a TNR colony for foster it is a big help
  • find out first hand why fosters really are the life blood of rescue, and last but not least
  • let every politician who represents you at any level know that support for cat welfare is important to you as a taxpaying voter.   Hey … if the NDP can win a majority government in Alberta, then anything is possible, eh?

What time is it?   It is definitely  still time to support the hard-working cat rescuers who are trying to make safer and healthier and kinder communities for us all.

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