A little more Monday morning musing

I truly do not like doing spring pickup (of all the dog shit) in the yard.    Normally it is not that big a job since I retired, but this has certainly been an exceptional winter on all fronts.   Will this be the shape of things for every winter now?   Who knows!     Maybe I will need to strap on my snowshoes to keep ahead of yard patrol next winter, eh?

It really is a shame that one cannot use all that ‘organic matter’ in the garden!   Why do I say that?   Would it not be a BIG help?      Wasn’t that what farmers did years and years ago?    Well yes .. and yes!   But … sometimes when something is free it really IS too good to be true!    The short version of all this is that using fresh carnivore poop to boost an edible garden is the sure path to winding up with worms and parasites!

In other words, I would need to put all that wormwood running amok around the yard to its original use instead of being a dual purpose sturdy play yard plant and deer repellent 🙂

But back to the whole holy cow what a winter we had thing.    Is this going to be our new normal?    Just in case, I have been compiling a top priority To Do list so that next winter we are better prepared.      A list, I might add, that was compiled after careful consideration and research.    The sticky subject of the lack of planning and consultation  for the controversial provincial budget has been  … and I am sure will continue to be a testy topic on numerous blogs (with a different focus than mine)  around the world

But I am wandering afield … as I am often wont to do in my meandering way.    The point I am actually trying to make this morning is that this has been a record year for other things than snow.     What do I mean?   There is not a single rescue or shelter in this province that has not noticed that the numbers of homeless animals are up!   Way up!

Surrender requests are up!   Abandoned animals .. especially pussycats .. are popping like miserable little mushrooms everywhere.    To be perfectly honest, anyone involved in frontline rescue right now is bailing the boat with a teaspoon, eh?

Would it help to throw more money at the problem?    Well yes … especially if it was targeted towards spay neuter assistance.     Here in the real world though, there are still some steps that our Agriculture Department could draft  … if Minister’s assistants can tear themselves away from Twitter that is!

What do I mean?    Am I talking about mandatory cat licensing?   Well no … and not because it isn’t a fabulous idea.    Here in the real world where the majority of pet owners do not license their dogs, I expect the cost of enforcing cat licensing would exceed any revenue generated.

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, I am talking about mandatory breeder registration.    Why should backyard breeders be able to make tax-free money while destroying dog breeds?   Hey wait a minute … wouldn’t such a step wind up breaking the hearts of kind folks who just want a nice pet?   Who cannot or will not spend the money that reputable breeders who do all that darned genetic screening want for their puppies?

The answer to that one is so simple a stump could understand!    Not to be mean, but just because a dog walks like a pug / Labrador / etc … and looks like one does not mean that they are going to act like one!   Backyard breeders do nothing to preserve the temperaments that make each individual breed so well-loved by its aficionados

Personally, I am still surprised that the government continues to let those tax dollars slide through their fingers.    If Nova Scotia is so broke that only poor struggling banks can get assistance, would it not be wise to at least check this out?     Do the math?   Crunch the numbers?

What time is it?     It is always time to remember that any rules and regulations that promote animal welfare often do double duty by providing consumer protection  as well.


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