On digging for answers

I love watching the wild birds that flock to my yard!    That always seems to come as a surprise to the bird watching mafia … who cannot possibly find any affection for the cats that they claim are decimating the songbird population, eh?     Not to be mean, but none of the pussycats prowling around the bird feeders packed their own bags and left home, eh?

As long as people in the community keep tossing kitties away like trash,  there is no justification for demonizing a little pet for trying to survive.    As long as politicians sidestep around the simple fact that the only way to fix the cat overpopulation problem is to fix the cats,  humans who view birds as being more valuable than cats have not got a leg to stand on!

And as long as taxpayers view community cats like vermin … instead of demanding results from their elected officials … there is no reasonable hope that the same wildlife people who line up to watch bald eagles eat dead chickens will ever view cats in a more positive light.

As a sidebar note to that, wildlife advocates choose to overlook the simple  fact that artificially inflating one species population for tourism actually has a more negative effect on those little songbirds than the pussycats do!   Wot?    Really?    Well … the simple fact is that since the eagle population has expanded  upcountry, the eagles have displaced other raptors who in turn have kicked the smaller ones further down country.    These days it is rare to find a bird feeding station around here that is not haunted by the smaller … but deadly to songbirds .. .chickenhawks.  😦

But I am wandering afield as I often do in my meandering way.    The point I am trying to make today is that like any other bird lover, I have been very worried about the impact of so much spring snow on the ground on the little robins.   I have tried putting out chopped fruit … but the truth is for actual sustenance I expect there is nothing to replace ‘the real thing’

By that of course, I mean the worms that are the staple of a robins diet.   This morning when we were coming back from our hike, I found another dead robin in the lane 😦    Clearly the fruit really wasn’t helping 😦

So I got out my trusty Fiskar’s ergonomic gardening spade and went to work in my garden  …  and what an image THAT must have been for the neighbours, eh?    The short version is that after chipping away the thick icy crust and digging down through three feet of snow, there is now a promising patch of soft dirt for the robins that are left.


It doesn’t look like much .. but with that good sun today it should spread out and become even more helpful 🙂      Note that I did not dig the sides straight … this is just a theory of mine but I expect that wild things want to be able to see if anything is lurking nearby, eh?


What time is it?    It is always time to remember that sometimes small things can make a difference.


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