Weighing the odds

These days I am paying very close attention to the play yard fence!  Even without getting out the measuring tape and level, I can see there will be some repairs needed in the fairly near future when things (hopefully) warm up!

Why would I say that?  Was it not properly built?   Of course it was!   But it is just a fact of life that winter is hard on everything!   To make matters worse, this year  has been long on consistently colder weather and very, very short on the balmy plus one days that we are normally used to 😦

The short version of all this is that … like the ones that it is built for … a play yard should never be taken for granted.   Fences need to be kept up.   Gates may need to be rehung.   And the page wire that is weighted down with snow will need to be tightened up.

Is it worth all the work to have a play yard?   You bet!    While it is no substitute for a walk, the dogs all love the liberty of being able to rummage around and … as we used to say in the sixties …  do their own thing!    In short .. it has been well worth the work for the enjoyment we all get out of it.

The operative word there of course being we.      And yes .. before the keyboards catch on fire … I know that there are plenty of  responsible dog owners who just open the door and let their dogs out in their fenced yards.     But here in the real world, that path is fraught with perils of all sizes.    I don’t know about you .. .but I prefer to be outside with my dogs when Jehovah’s Witnesses or children wander in the lane / the bald eagles are hunting / the coyotes are afoot / or even just if the evil sqwirrels are chittering on the other side of the fence!

People are much less likely to open the gate when there is a human in the yard!    Nor are dogs as likely to hop the fence in pursuit of wandering pussycats when there is a voice of reason close at hand.    Best of all of course is that this simple ounce of prevention is the best protection that I can provide against predators of all shapes and species.

Is it a chore to do this?   Of course not!   Why would I have dogs if I did not enjoy their company, eh?   It is really just frosting on the cake that being outside in the play yard also allows me to intervene and / or referee before anything gets out of hand.

Lets face it … there are no guarantees in life!   That being said, there ARE simply ever so many situations that can be prevented by one’s presence!      Not to be mean … but the odds of dogs being stolen or eaten by coyotes are radically reduced when there is an adult presence at hand!

What time is it?     It is always time to remember that our pets depend upon us to keep them safe.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.    Benjamin Franklin


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