Why we remember

It is never, ever fun to be sick!      Truth be told …. it is rather like banging one’s head against a brick wall!   Why would I say that?    Simply … to paraphrase the old adage …. that it feels fabulous when it stops!

But at least adult humans can ride out being sick with the sure knowledge that they WILL soon feel better.    It might take a full course of antibiotics.    Perhaps it will mean letting a cold run its traditional course.    But sooner or later … no matter how crappy we feel in the moment … we know that life as we know it will start ticking over again.

Every year at this time, I cannot help but think about the poor cats and dogs that were rescued from Celtic Pets in February 2008.     Special note to the ‘new’ SPCANS spokesperson … that WAS more than nineteen abused animals and it WAS actually SPCANS cruelty investigators pictured in the horrific videos immediately afterwards in the media.      Had I been able to lift my head off the pillow for more than five minutes at time when I read that, I would not have been nearly this polite about it, eh?

From every possible perspective, the Celtic Pets seizure was such a horrible story!     Coming out of the gate, it was incredibly difficult for everyone in the rescue community to accept that such abuse could have happened at the hands of previously well-respected rescuers.     Why did they not ask for help?   Why did they lie over and over and over again?     Any affection or respect that may once have been felt for the MacIsaac’s vanished faster than an untended pan of liver on my counter.

The best thing that can be said about the whole scenario is that it was ultimately the catalyst for a lot of change within the society.     But before getting to the changes, there were a lot of heartbreaking dramas and Utterly Unneccessary Unhappy Tails.    Remember the Celtic Six?   Seven?  Eight?     Vocal critics of the society had their memberships … aka voting privileges … revoked!    Indeed, when that did not shut anyone up,  the (then) president actually tried to seize the personal pets of a well-known animal advocate!

But I am wandering afield as I am wont to do in my meandering way!    The short version of all this is that the Celtic Pets Seizure galvanized the animal loving community in this province and did effect quite a bit of change with the society.    More importantly, it brought a broader awareness of animal welfare issues and ultimately paved the way for the grassroots movement that would evolve in this province.

As an unlooked-for fringe benefit, many of the ‘temporary’ volunteers who stepped up to help with the Celtic Pet Seizure survivors, have gone on to become valuable players with other rescues in this province!     Many of them, not surprisingly, work with cats.     One at least that I know of has become a valuable member of the GPAC team.     Others have farmed out as fosters and of course as rescued pet adopters as well!

What time is it?    If we want history to stop repeating itself, it is always time to remember!

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