A little musing about showing up

I have been paying Very Close Attention to the beech trees in the yard today!  Why would I say this?    The answer is pretty darned simple …  at least to anyone familiar with folk weather lore.     According to said beliefs, beech leaves trembling on the trees in winter is a sure sign of stormy weather.

So far so good … even if it does fly in the face of the more ‘scientific’ forecasts online.   To be perfectly honest, I could lead a full and complete life without the fifty centimeters that the weather network is promising, eh?

But … here in the real world, I have learned it is simply wasted energy to worry about the weather.   The best we can do is borrow from the boy scouts motto and be prepared, eh?   There is another storm brewing, however, that we can do something about.  I am of course talking about the very real possibility that we are headed for a federal election this spring.

I am a middle-aged grandmother, not a political pundit.   Yet even the most casual observer can see that the gravy train has already pulled out of the station.    To be perfectly honest, it would just be smart to get election day out of the gate before the Senate Scandal roars back to life with the Duffy trial, eh?

I am old enough to remember the election of 93.    The conservatives went from a strong majority to fifth place.     From 169 seats to 2 seats!    In other words, from first place to the fringe!   For the first time in Canadian history, the time-worn old formula of safely doing all the unpopular bits during the first half of a majority mandate simply did not apply.  Even after two years, clearly Canadian voters were still pissed about the way the GST was railroaded in.

But I am wandering afield, as I am wont to do in my meandering way.   The point that I am trying to make today is that if I am right about the whole spring election thing, pretty soon we should all have a chance to meet the candidates for our riding.

What does that mean in real speak?    It does not necessarily mean that they will actually promise anything of substance.   Sheesh, our own Liberals here in Nova Scotia were very, very careful not to go out on a limb and make any unrealistic promises that could come back to haunt them later, eh?

It does mean that this IS your opportunity to provide direct feedback to the candidates on issues that are important to you as a voter.    For instance, if you are ticked off about tax dollars supporting the failing mink industry, now is the time to speak up!

More importantly ….. if this time young voters were to make history and actually show up in serious numbers at the election polls, there would never, ever be another election where all political parties did not take their concerns seriously.

What time is it?    It is always time to remember the truth of the old adage … there is no point in complaining if you did not show up to vote.

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