A little musing about the need for substance


It is no secret we are supposed to be getting a big blizzard tomorrow.   In light of that, I expect the grocery stores will do good business today as people pop in on their way home from work to stock up on whatever they think of as essential survival food 😉

On a clear blue sky morning like this, it is easy to see that the eagles and hawks are out hunting ahead of the storm.    I have often wondered if any of those idiots who believe that ditching cats …. and worse, kittens … on back country roads is a humane option have ever once considered just how very far down the food chain that these household pets are 😦

Probably not!   Any sort of soul-searching like that would soon highlight what a horrible, self-serving thing it is to be able to turn a blind eye to the consequences of abandoning a pet!

Is it a good thing that it is now illegal in Nova Scotia to abandon a pet?    Of course it is!   But …. to be perfectly honest, such statements are as meaningful as the proverbial “no you do not look fat in that dress, honey”

Why would I say that?    That answer is so simple a stump could understand!    Here in the real world, unless someone who is willing to make a sworn statement witnesses an animal being abandoned, finding the culprits can be next to impossible.    Indeed, even when the abandoned dogs have been microchipped, the odds of charges being laid are right up there with the notion that I will ever see a size twelve again!

As a sidebar note to that, the kitty in the picture at the top of the post was found in the White Rock area of Kings County.   If anyone knows who this handsome boy might be, please contact Safe Haven Animal Rescue in Berwick.   Ditto if anyone is interested in helping SHAR with the neverending costs of caring for the kittens and cats that are tossed away like trash.


Last week,  these three little dogs were picked up by Animal Control in Colchester County.   They were in terrible shape and it is believed that they were used in a backyard breeding operation.      The good news is that all three are responding very well to the good care they are getting now.     Although you would never know it from the above picture, all three are actually quite young as well 🙂

Animal Rescue Coalitions has named them Humphrey, Harriet and Henry!  Indeed, now that they have been to the groomer and the vet they look absolutely fabulous.    For more information about adopting any of these adorable dogs … or to help with the cost of restoring them to good health …  please contact the Animal Rescue Coalitions.

What time is it?    Clearly it is time to understand that those shiny new regulations are going to need more substance … otherwise they will be nothing more than window dressing to placate animal loving voters.


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