Not really time to stop bailing the boat …

I love making curried anything this time of year!   Admittedly, after a wild youth where my favourite foods generally brought beads of sweat to the brow, these days my curry dishes are considerably tamer than the average bear!     Even so …  curry is just one of those feel good fragrances that always help to take the cold edge off winter.

For all my muttering, there is much about the new regulations that I DO like.    Take for instance the new requirement that a veterinarians certificate of health must be provided upon the sale of a pet, including cats.

Taken in tandem with two changes that were made last year by Kijiji, there is even more reason for a bit of optimism.      As of this writing, Kijiji no longer lists the ‘free to a good home’.     Last year the company also started charging $4.99 … payable by credit card … to list a dog or a puppy for sale.    The testy topic of how cats were not deemed worthy of the same protection is a part of a sticky subject that will (once again) be discussed here again 😦

All of this is fine and well, but it still does not come close to turning off the tap for those looking to skirt the rules.     Why would I say that?    Isn’t everyone going to get a health certificate?    Won’t backyard breeders have to provide an auditable trail with their credit card so that (presumably) Kijiji can monitor for abuse?    Ummm .. there is actually still at least one fly in the ointment.

As of this writing, I would run out of fingers and toes to count the myriad local Facebook buy, sell and trade groups where animals are still up for grabs.    Although animal advocates do try to keep a keen eye on these pages, any intervention on their part usually results in being banned from the group.

Nor will there ever be any way to monitor the little ads posted on bulletin boards in farmers markets and malls.    In the midst of all this, one can only hope that flea market businesses are aware of the new rules so that puppies and kittens cannot be passed out like candy on their watch.

Does that mean that it is all doom and gloom?   Of course not!    Each and every year, public awareness of animal welfare issues grows.   As a result, each and every year we are seeing some sort of progress along the way.     Here a provincial society that tries to move forward with a new No Kill policy.    There a big pet store chain stopping the sale of puppies and kittens.   And of course each and every year the hardworking grassroots advocacy group, People for Dogs just keeps picking up support!

It would be easy upon occasion to become discouraged and believe that we will never, ever get to No Kill Nova Scotia.   To toss in the towel and take up knitting or needlepoint.     So sometimes we do need to remind ourselves that if we are not there yet, we are at least a bit further down the road 🙂

What time is it?   Monty Hall once said that he was an overnight success … but that it took twenty years.   In other words, it is time to remember that a few steps forward does not a destination make.   Or as my Dad used to so prosaicly put it … the only sensible time to stop bailing the boat is when it reaches the shore.

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