In praise of home grown success

I really like the new to me focus wagon that I bought late last winter.      It is easy on gas.   In a pinch, I could put all four dogs AND five cat carriers onboard.     Best of all, with the back seats down it is as good as a truck when need arises 🙂

It was just frosting on the cake that my new ride came with four mounted snow tires, eh?    Now I understand why guys like the idea!    It is quicker and easier …. ergo cheaper … to switch the tires each season.     And even this middle-aged granny can easily understand that both sets of tires will last longer this way 🙂

In other words, like anything else in life, there is no downside to the proverbial ounce of protection!    This month, The Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network is celebrating its fourth anniversary!   For four years, these dedicated ladies have been stepping up to successfully show what social media can do for pets … and the people who love them!

Four years of facilitating the Facebook page that make it possible for kind hearts to make a difference with a simple click of a mouse!     Four years of faithfully following up on each and every listing so that followers can cheer for the Happy Endings, sympathize with the Rainbow Bridge outcomes and carry on sharing the Still Missing ones!

In four years, how have they done?    Splendidly, I would say!     They are just a heartbeat away from having 2,300 Happy Endings in four years … for an average of 600 success stories every year!     Wow!      Just thinking of all that happiness and joy brings goosebumps, eh?

Even better, in four years, NSLDN’s success has inspired similar projects around the continent.    How wonderful that one simple, brilliant idea can have such far-reaching and life saving consequences!

Best of all of course is that each and every Happy Ending keeps a rescue slot and / or good adoptive home free for genuinely homeless dogs!     In a world where there waiting lists for each and every rescue slot, that make 2300 Happy Endings even more impressive!

What time is it?   It is always time to salute the success that is ONLY possible when everyone can check their egos and all drama at the door!      At the end of the day, it is the secret to NSLDN’s success and the reason that as of this writing their Facebook page has a spectacular 17,755 Likes!


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