The best way to warm up winter

I love this time of year in the garden!   Wot … you say?    Have I gone to the faeries?    Of course not!    Although as a sidebar note to this … after poring through Niki Jabbour’s Year Round Vegetable Gardener … I do not need a crystal ball to see cold frames carrying through next winter here, eh?

The simple short answer is that almost nothing quite warms up winter like the tantalizing seed catalogues that have started showing up in my mailbox!   In no time at all, I have lovely long shopping lists ready to go!

Does this mean that I have sent them in yet?   Not yet!   Why?   Experience has taught me to take a sober second … and third and fourth 🙂  …. look at my lists and trim them down to more manageable size!    Here in the real world, there is only one middle-aged granny to do garden chores.    Nor would I ever want to spend so much time in the garden that there was no time for  summer fun with my dogs, eh?

So I do a little inventory of the seeds I still have and trim the list!    Then I remember how big a pain cabbage family loving pests are … and I weed out tempting bits like Cheddar cauliflower!    Along the way, I will remind myself that it is more sensible to only pay shipping fees for a couple of companies too!    Bit by bit, by the end of the month, I will have pruned my orders down to a sensible size that can be safely sent away with less risk of buyers remorse.

Today is January sixth.   Whether one calls it Epiphany or Twelfth Night, it traditionally marks the end of the Christmas celebrations for the year.

It also seems to mark the beginning of buyers remorse for some of the Christmas puppies and kittens!   What does that mean in real speak?

Simply of course that the folks who were swept away by sentiment without doing their homework have already started approaching rescues and shelters about surrendering their Christmas pet.   Now before the keyboards catch on fire …. yes I know that many Christmas puppies and kittens go on to live full and complete lives with their original families.    Families who did their due diligence and wanted to use the vacation period to help everyone adjust to the new wee one.    Folks who already understood that expecting the kids to look after the puppy or kitten was a realistic as believing that holiday food was too magical to contain calories 🙂

Now to be fair …. most folks are really not all that experienced at picking pets.    Lets face it … in a world where well cared for pets can live upwards of fifteen years,  many committed pet owners can count on one hand the number of family pets they will have.

So … after you are finished grumbling about people who leap before they look …. what can you do to help?    Why you could foster of course!   Reputable rescues provide the food and vet care!    All you have to do is add the love!

What time is it?    It is always time to remember that there is no better way to warm up the winter than by saving a life!


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