Oh Pipsqueak!


One of my favourite bits about the holiday season is the gentler and kinder spirit that seems to permeate the air around us.     Does that mean that all the worlds woes are over?   That the new year will bring brighter and better things?

Of course not!    So why bother with all the good will and good cheer?   That answer is so simple that the box of kindling by the door could understand!      None of us are expecting to change the world.   All we really want to do is to drive the cold winter away!

One of my favourite bits about dogs is that they do that all year-long.   When opportunity knocks, a dog can completely and utterly inhabit any moment of joy.   When life takes a turn for the better, dogs seldom question their good fortune.

Take Pipsqueak for instance.    He was in dreadful shape when he picked up as a stray last week!   He was absolutely filthy and his nails were completely overgrown!  Even worse, he was so matted that the groomer took pounds and pounds of matts off!   Saddest of all is that someone just discarded this little dog as if he was a piece of trash!

So what did this sweet little boy do when they started cleaning him up?    Just look at that little tail wagging in triple time!     At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, we humans could take lessons from dogs about forgiveness!


What a smart laddie!   To be able to leave these ugly matts on the grooming table and never look back!


Pipsqueak has had a busy week!    Like all reputable rescues, ARC has had the little lad into the vet and he has already been neutered!       Now he is safely snuggled down with a foster Mum until his own Happy Tail comes in!


To be perfectly honest, I really envy the person who winds up opening their home and their heart to this adorable young little fellow!

What time is it?   It is always time to support reputable rescues like The Animal Rescue Coaltions in the lifesaving work that they do!     PS .. at this time of year, if it matters, ARC does have a CRA tax number!

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