In praise of popups


I love trying new recipes!   Not for company of course …. although occasionally good friends will help out with test runs of new bits 🙂

Why would I need to try new things?    Has anyone sitting at my table ever been unhappy?     Do I really feel that I need to raise the bar?   Toss out the old favourites?

Of course not!    So why take any chances?   Why not stay with the tried and true?  The answer to that is so simple the boots warming by the fire could understand!   There is … imho .. no truth to the old adage about there being nothing new under the sun!      We live in an innovative time when the thing that was unimaginable yesterday can come today’s reality, eh?   Or as Steve Job once said, how does somebody know what they want if they haven’t even seen it?

That is why I was so tickled to see a new collaborative project between Spay Day NS and the Nova Scotia SPCA.   It is a temporary project and has been very appropriately called the 2014 Kitty Winter Round Up!

What a brilliant and simple concept!    Instead of simply wringing their hands about there being no room at the inn for a waiting list of over two hundred cats,  this project is like a popup shelter!

How does it work?    This is mainly an SPCA project that is being staffed by the already experienced Spay Day volunteers.     The short version is that this is a brilliant out of the box solution to tackling the 200 cat waiting list.    Instead of simply accepting that there was not enough room at the inn , somebody had a flash of brilliance about popping up a temporary new inn!

Why?   Seriously?    Here in Nova Scotia you have to ask?   This is December and I can count on one hand … with fingers left over … how many green Christmases there have been since I moved here thirty-seven years ago!    Each and every kind kitty rescuing heart knows first hand how homeless cats suffer in our Nova Scotia winters!

So how is it going?    You be the judge!    They took in forty cats the first round last weekend.    Another intake was done yesterday and possibly another one will be done today.     By best guestimate, this will bring the total up to fifty-five or sixty!  Wednesday was their first big ‘Spay Day’ when twenty cats were spayed and neutered at the SPCA clinic.  The rest will be altered as appointments at the clinic allow!

The good news is that most of the cats are friendly and show every sign of having been abandoned pets.    Some of them are actually already spayed or neutered!    What does that mean in realspeak?   Why simply that as space is available, once they are altered they can be moved to the Provincial Animal Shelter or one of their satellite adoption centers.  Six of the cats have already moved to the shelter or one of the pet store satellite adoption centers!   Two have already been adopted!

Wow!    Will such success mean that this will become a permanent arrangement?   No … although success can always pave the way for future pop up shelters 🙂     In this case, the temporary space has been donated by a local business in much the same way that the trailer park project was.    So why do I say it is shaping up to be a success?

That answer is simple!     Taken in context with the original goal of clearing the shelter waiting list, the 2014 Kitty Winter Round Up is shaping up to be a new and successful solution for an ongoing old problem!    Even better, like any first endeavors, it will pave the way for future projects!   Best of all, it is a kinder, gentler solution than leaving two hundred cats out to starve in the old!

Kind hearts who want to help can:

  • donate canned cat food, bleach and / or yesterday’s news cat litter.    Donations can be dropped off at Pet Valu Clayton Park or at The Provincial Shelter in Burnside.     Please let folks know they are for the Kitty Winter Roundup 🙂
  • donate funds of course to either the Provincial SPCA or Spay Day NS
  • help spread the word by ‘liking’  the 2014 Kitty Winter Roundup Facebook page, and last but not least,
  • if you have been thinking of enriching your life by opening your home and your heart to an adult cat, remember that there is nothing more loyal than a cat who has been given a second chance at love!

What time is it?    It is always time to salute folks who can imagine what they want without even having seen it !


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