A walk down memory lane and an update

It is no secret that I love Miss Ruby!     Really … what is not to love?    She is ever so much more than just a pretty face!    She is sweet and affectionate!    Loyal and devoted!    In short she is everything that one would look for in a four-footed best friend.

Folks who meet my sweet girl for the first time cannot possibly imagine the rough shape she was in when she was rescued.     Why would they?    Happily there are no vestiges of the starveling who was so fragile that they would not even let me meet her for a few days until they were sure she would pull through!

Today’s news story about the couple in East Hants who have been charged with animal cruelty sure brought back all the memories of when Miss Ruby was first rescued.     At the time,  her two-year old self only weighed 20 kg!   Twenty!     For a two-year old hound shepherd mix who … at this years checkup … clocked in at eighty-six pounds!

My heart goes out to that poor boxer and it did me good to see that charges have been laid!    I know that the SPCA has had its own troubles, but the path to public support will only be paved with animal cruelty charges like this that are out there for all the world to see!    Really, it is just frosting on the cake that enforcement is also an excellent way to educate the public.

There have actually been a couple of stories in the media this week about dogs in our province.    All mainstream media outlets have been peppered with the ongoing coverage of the abandoned puppies!     And hopefully folks in the city will be pleased that their new off leash dog park has been given the green light.

Yet I never did see any mention made in any media outlet about the green bin kitties that I talked about last month 😦     Where are the cute media clips about them?    The outraged demands that charges be laid?    That someone be held accountable?

Let me be absolutely clear about one thing!    At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, until mainstream media outlets embrace the concept that the Never Ending Cat Abandonment Story IS the story, there will never the be same level of public outrage about abandoned cats 😦

So … how ARE they doing?    According to their fabulous foster Mum, they are coming along well from the shy skittish babes she brought home two weeks ago!!    Scamp is already very interested in everything she does and absolutely LOVES to cuddle!    Scrumpy is getting much braver and can be counted on to ‘purr like a motorboat’ when he is picked up now 🙂     Kitten whisperer Diego has been helping Sally build trust!   And Smudgy is now brave enough to sit still for a picture!

What time is it?    It is always time to remember the important role played by the media.     Public sentiment is shaped by the issues that are deemed important enough to be written about and broadcast.   Straight, sweet and simple!

PS …  if a picture is worth a thousand words, then these pics taken by the green bin kitties’ foster Mum offers up a whole new chapter for them 🙂


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