Tis the season

I love making my Mother’s recipe for Hot Water Gingerbread from the old Barbados molasses cookbook!   Like anyone who had lived through the depression, Mom was a master at stretching a dollar and most of her cookbook collection came from carefully clipped box tops, eh?

Perhaps that is why I have such an affection for the hardworking cat rescuers in this province like Melissa Lee!    They are adroit at stretching every dollar!   Even better, every last cent that is donated is spent saving kitties!    There are no admin fees!    No advertising budget!     Every last bit goes for vet bills, cleaning supplies and food!

Best of all of course is that cat rescue groups like Safe Haven Animal Rescue are providing a valuable service to our communities by making them healthier and more humane places to live.   A service, I might add, that comes at no cost to the taxpaying public!

Does that mean that they have deep pockets?   That there is no need to fundraise?    Of course not!   Just  Last Thursday, Safe Haven spayed and neutered five cats!    What does that mean in realspeak?   Simply that even with donations, there is still a big chunk of a vet bill to pay down!

Why is that so urgent?    That answer is so simple the compost perking away in the bin could understand!    In spite of all their hard work, a cat rescuer’s work is never done!     Already this morning SHAR has another cat that needs to see the vet, eh?

What time is it?    Not everyone has time to rescue.    Not everyone has time to foster!    But in the midst of all the holiday shopping, most folks have time to donate a little something to the cat rescuers who work so hard on our behalf!     Kind hearts who wish to help SHAR can:

  • phone in a donation via credit card to the SHAR account at the Berwick Animal Hospital at 902-538-8039, or
  • send an EMT to felinebirthcontrol@hotmail.com   or
  • email the above address to ask where to send a donation, or last but not least
  • open their home and their heart to one of SHAR’s adorable adoptables!

Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.    Washington Irving



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