On preconceptions and prejudice …

I love making fruit cake!    Really .. what is not to love?    It smells fabulous at every step of the way!   Even better,  when I am making my own, I can ditch the mixed peel in favour of nicer ( to me ) bits like candied ginger.   Best of all of course is that it is just one of those lovely things that actually gets better with age!

Here in this house, I would not trade my senior pets for all the puppy breath on Petfinder!     For my money, there is simply no substitute for the Zen that senior pets bring to any space that they inhabit.   They move through their days with grace and bring a timeless enthusiasm to each and every day.

I will be the first to admit that adopting a senior pet is not for everyone.     That being said, it is important to realize that the senior benchmark of eight years of age can sometimes be misleading.    Why do I say that?   The answer is so simple the bag of sand by the back door can understand!

It is simply a fact of life that pets are living longer these days.     Is it because people are more aware of the dangers that await kitties that are allowed to prowl?   That more family dogs now live inside the home?   Might it be the bounty of better food for all species?

Whatever the reason, an eight year old pet is generally only middle-aged.     When well cared for indoor cats can live to be twenty, an eight year old kitty is really only beginning to hit his or her stride.     Gosh, my own sweet George is only just starting to be sensible around my rug hooking wool!    Miss Ruby can still spot a squirrel at fifty paces!    And my sweet O Henry is still much, much faster than the frogs in the upper pond.

Really, it is a shame that Petfinder listings can only choose between adult and senior, eh?   What is really needed is something special for that lovely middle ground when pets are just starting to be old enough to know better!

Hangups about age are a human thing.   Like any other preconception, worrying about age could actually be keeping some kind hearts from finding their true kindred spirits.

What time is it?    It is always time to remember that love and affection are actually ageless.



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