As sweet as sweet can be

I love our Nova Scotia winters!    Before the keyboards catch on fire, kindly remember that even a “fresh” (valleyspeak for really f***ing cold) morning like this is still a cake walk compared to some of the other places I have been posted to.    Not to be mean, but there are good reasons that I did not choose to retire to the Miramichi or north Ontario or northern Alberta or even the spectacularly beautiful Yukon!

To be perfectly honest, after travelling the world and meeting lots of interesting people, balmier Zone 6 winters are only one of the many things that I love about my chosen home.    There is such diversity to be found here in every possible way that one could imagine.

Nowhere is that more evident than in the rescue community in this province, where love has a way of transcending traditional definitions.     All breed dog rescues can wind up rescuing bunnies and pussycats and even the occasional rat.   Breed rescues can pull out all the stops for community cats.     Cat advocates wind up rescuing dogs now and then.

To be perfectly honest, any kind heart looking to adopt any sort of pet generally has quite a selection to choose from in this province.     For instance, anyone looking to open their home and their hearts to an adorable little dog should go pay a visit to the Antigonish SPCA Facebook page!       Five adorable little dogs were taken in this week and I expect they won’t have to wait long for their well deserved Happy Tails.

Walter, Rico, Cami , Mia and Tia.    There was not a lot of information available when these five were surrendered, but this is what the Branch does know so far:

  • At fourteen,   Walter is the patriarch of the crew.     He is believed to be the father of Ricko and Mia.   At  his intake vet appointment, it was discovered that while everyone else is in good health that Walter does have a grade three heart murmur and the beginnings of cataracts.   What does that mean in realspeak for Walter?    Simply that Walters new family should be prepared for the probability that heart meds will soon be needed so that Walter can put his best paw forward.
  • Ricko is five and in good health
  • Cami is four and in good health.  The vet believes she has recently had a litter and perhaps has had others in the past.
  • Mia is three years old and in good health.   She has also had several litters.
  • Tia is six weeks old.   She is Mia’s daughter but the father is not known.

It is believed that this is the first time that any of these little dogs have been to the vet and the groomer.    They are now safely in foster care and will finally have their first chance at the good life that should have been theirs all along.      I have it on good authority that not only is Walter an absolute doll but that all these little lovelies are as sweet as sweet can be 🙂

What time is it?   It is always time to support the work being done here in this province to rescue pets.   If you would like to help this little foster based branch with some of the costs incurred with rescuing these cutie pies, please CLICK HERE.     If you are interested in adopting one of these adorable wee ones, please CLICK HERE for more information about adopting and for the application form.

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.    Roger Caras


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