A little morality lesson

Who does not love the incredibly awesome smell of a real tree?      It stirs up sentimental images of homespun holidays and simply cannot be duplicated by even the poshest of scented candles.

Does this mean that I have decided?   Will this be the year that I go back to my roots with a real tree?   Sadly not!    Why?     Have I lost my enthusiasm so soon?

To tell the truth, odds are that there will never be a time when a real tree is a good idea in this house.   It has nothing to do with being eco-friendly.   Truth be told, I think that our Nova Scotia Tree farmers are good for the environment because their tree lots do double duty as a haven for all sorts of wildlife.   To be perfectly honest, I would much rather live next door to a tree farm than a mink industry horror show, eh?

But I am wandering afield as I am wont to do in my meandering way.     The point that I am trying to make today is that after doing a test run with a bucket full of evergreen branches, I have decided not to have a real tree.   Why?    Because four of five pussycats in this house made a beeline for the bucket!   They were clearly eager to sample the greenery, eh?

Now I am not a veterinarian, but I do know that eating evergreen needles is not one bit good for kitties.   Actually .. like their wicked holiday stepsister, tinsel … evergreen needles could easily be the stuff emergency surgeries are made of.   😦

The short version is that I would much rather have my five cats than any ‘authentic’ holiday experience.   A real tree is nice, but it is not going to run to the door to greet me whenever I come in.   It would never serve as a companionable muse when I am writing.   Or sit on a stool on the island like a hopeful harry when I am cooking.    Nor would it find a way to snuggle in around the book on my lap.

Life if full of choices.     It is possible to have a picture perfect immaculate house.    It is also possible to have pets.     Here in the real world, folks really have to pick one or the other.

As a long time cat lover, I have no patience for people willing to torture their cats so they do not scratch the furniture.    Opposition to declawing is not a brand new radical idea, eh?   Even vets who still choose to do it generally try to convince the clients of other options first.    Sheesh, if anyone understands the physical consequences of declawing, it should be a veterinarian, eh?

Yet at their last AGM, the Nova Scotia Vets Association voted down a motion to ban the practice of declawing cats.   It was not even a close call.    Out of all the vets in this province, only eight voted in favour of the ban!   Eight!

Last week, People for Dogs did a survey of all the vet clinics in this province to see who is .. and is not .. declawing cats for clients.     How did that go?    Heavy sigh … seventy percent of the clinics in this province are still declawing cats for non medical purposes.     Seventy percent!

As a sidebar note, there is a teeny little bright note in the fact that that the percentage of clinics who do NOT declaw is much higher than the percentage of vets who voted against the ban at their AGM.

If you live in Nova Scotia and are wondering what the results are … People for Dogs made a handy little poster listing the names of ALL the clinics that are NOT declawing for non medical purposes!    And before the keyboards cat(ch) on fire … yes ALL the clinics were called.    If your clinic is not on the list, they are still declawing cats for non medical purposes.

What time is it? Right now … while new regulations are still on the drawing board .. it is time to remember that non medical declawing is animal abuse. Straight, sweet and simple. Really, it would only be a kindness to remove the burden of responsiblity for publicly banning declawing from our vets.

We have two kinds of morality side by side: one which we preach but do not practice and another which we practice but seldom preach. Bertrand Russell


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