A little musing about a simple way to help

I love going to the library.    It is a wonderful way to indulge my inner bookworm without becoming a book hoarder.   Truth be told, libraries are living proof that you really can get something for nothing!

Does it matter that I am not interested in reading every book on the shelf?  That I only ever read about the bits I am interested in?   Of course not!     That is why there is such variety … so that there really will be something for everyone, eh?

When folks are thinking about fostering a pet for an animal rescue or shelter, they are naturally going to have questions.     Is that a good thing?   You bet!    Fostering is a big committment that should not be entered into lightly.

This has been a record year for surrenders to shelters and rescues in this province!    Is it because more vet clinics are encouraging people to surrender pets that they are unwilling or unable to care for?    Has word of mouth has made animal rescue more popular?   Or is this simply the cumulative effect of pets being passed around like old socks on utterly unsupervised Facebook buy, sell and trade groups?

It has even been suggested that the spectre of more specific standards of care has some backyard breeders scared enough to surrender.  At the end of the day, it really does not matter why.    The really important bit is that right here, right now every rescue and shelter in this province has a waiting list for surrenders.

What does that mean in realspeak?   Why of course that the way ahead will need more pet foster parents!    If you have been thinking about fostering, this would be a splendid time to hop off the fence!

As with anything else in life, prospective foster parents need to do their homework and find a reputable rescue or shelter to help.   Why is that important?

Lets face it … the whole point of fostering is to provide temporary shelter to a homeless pet until he or she is adopted.   Unfortunately, not all rescues screen properly or do home visits.    I cannot possibly imagine giving a pet that I have cared for and loved to an adopter without the confidence of knowing that the home has been properly screened.     And of course there is the added reassurance of knowing that no matter what, if the adoption is not a success that the rescue would definitely take any of its adoptables back into care.

Surprisingly, many kind hearts still do not know that reputable rescues provide all the food and medical expenses.      Responsible rescues really appreciate the time and love that fosters commit to each pet and pull out all the stops to make the process as easy and simple as possible.

Nor do responsible rescues expect their fosters to be able to take on every pet that is in need.   Some fosters only take already altered pets.    Others only take boys / girls / puppies / kittens / small dogs / old dogs / well behaved dogs / etc.. /      Good rescues are just happy to have any help at all, eh?

What time is it?    It is always time to understand that fostering is not a lifetime committment.   It is a committment to saving one life … or one litter of little lives … at a time.

The Animal Rescue Coalitions, for instance, is looking for fosters so that grreat dogs like Sally can have a chance for their own Happy Tail.   To find out more about fostering for The Animal Rescue Coalitions, please CLICK HERE

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