Bonded pair of Great Danes looking for their Happy Tail

Chloe and Panzer

Chloe and Panzer

I love Miss Ruby and Henry!    After six years together, they are as sweet as an old married couple!   They move through their days companionably together and are good company for each other when I have to go out.

There are real advantages to be found by adopting bonded pets.     Coming out of the gate, the transition into their new home will be made easier by having a familiar face to turn to.    Even better, it offers the opportunity for the kind of endless who would ever need cable entertainment while watching two good friends play.    Best of all of course is that in a world where folks have to go out to work … or at least to shop and be social … bonded buddies would never be left home alone.

Right here, right now, there is a beautiful bonded pair of Great Danes available for adoption at the Lillian Albon Shelter in Amherst.    Panzer and his pal Chloe .     At 121 lbs, Panzer is a little on the thin side now, but clearly that does not matter to him.    He is just happy to be wherever his pal Chloe is, eh?

Both of these lovelies are already house trained and up to date on their vaccinations.  Panzer is neutered and Chloe is spayed.    And both of them do their very best when they are together.

What time is it?    It is always time to understand that there really is somebody out there for everyone.    In other words, even if you personally have a full and complete and perfect (to you) pack of your own at home, it is still always time to share adoptable pet listings to help the right person find their own perfect to them Happy Tails in Waiting!








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