Why the ripest fruit makes the sweetest jam

I love making banana muffins!   To be perfectly honest, I have never met anyone who did not have a fondness for banana muffins!     Even better, they are one of the few baked bits I can offer someone who is lactose intolerant.   Best of all of course is that  they are the simplest … ergo the fastest …. sweet recipe in my repertoire.

It really is just frosting on the cake that they are also one of the most economical sweet treats that a person can make!  Why would I said that?    Haven’t bananas been well over a dollar a pound for so long we no longer mutter about it?     Why yes they have!    Happily, it is the browner bits in the reduced bin that make the best muffins.   As a matter of fact .. it is ONLY the really, really ripe fruit that works well at all!

There is an old saying out here that the ripest fruit makes the sweetest jam.    It does not matter that it is a little soft and saggy in spots.     In the bigger scheme of things,  all that matters is how sweet it is, eh?

Even the most adorable puppies and kittens will eventually ‘ripen’ into lovely sweet seniors.    Now in my perfect fantasy world, every puppy or kitten or baby bunny would get the same shot that our old Labrador, Max, had.   By that I mean that they would spend their entire lives being loved by the same person or family.

But here in the real world, sometimes even the best laid plans can go off the rails.   And before the keyboards catch on fire, we all know that there are actually legitimate reasons for rehoming pets that do not have rescuers gritting their teeth and struggling to be polite.   At the end of the day, especially when the reasons seem frivolous it is usually in the best interest of the pet to find them a more committed and reliable owner, eh?

Sadly, senior pets often get the short end of the stick when adopters are looking for a new pal.   Some folks worry about the possibility of higher vet bills.   Others are unwilling to open their home and their heart to a pet that likely will not be able to offer fifteen or twenty years of love.    And some folks firmly believe that it is only possible to really bond with a very young pet.

But here is the thing that I have come to realize …. even though pets are legally classed as property …. there are absolutely NO guarantees with a living breathing sentient being!    At the risk of sounding like a stuck record … a pet cannot possible carry the same sort of specific warranty that a washing machine or an automobile can!

Now I do know that adopting a senior pet is not for everyone!    For some folks, only a youngster will do!   Admittedly most of those folks are younger than I and as such more willing to wake up in the middle of the night!     There are those who find the whole housetraining journey both engaging and endearing!    Gosh there are even many who truly believe that one cannot teach an old dog new tricks!

I will freely admit that I do not know everything … but this is what I do know:

  • senior pets make marvelous companions for a writer.     They are active enough to get me out of the house but sensible enough to grab a good powernap while I am writing 🙂
  • mature pets fit seamlessly into a retirement lifestyle!    Unless I personally want to get up and see the sunrise, everyone here is quite content to sleep in.
  • older pets easily settle into a new routine.     Anything else is a myth.   Period.
  • when my arthritis is acting up, everyone here appreciates a cozy fire and a nice warm house every bit as much as I do.   And last but not least
  • each and every pet here simply does what all pets do best …. they respond in kind to being loved without any of our human insecurities!

What time is it?    It is always time to remember senior pets would not ‘sit on the shelf’ so long if more people could see how sweet they really are!     If that happy day ever arrived …. there actually wouldn’t be enough of them to go around!

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