Five things to think about this Friday

I love making dog cookies!    Straight, sweet and simple … there is no downside!    It is a simple way to provide wheat free treats for a house full of seniors!   No worrying about the ingredients.    Not to be mean … but there is no need to fuss with fancy shapes because the dogs really do not care about little details like that!

This Friday all of you who do NOT walk an Earth Based Path will be celebrating Hallowe’en!   There will be fun costumes!   Cute little trick or treaters!     And of course … chocolate bars and candy and sweet treats … oh my!     All in all, just a fun day for everyone to look forward to, eh?

Except maybe your pets!      You may be delighted every time the door bell rings!    All that spooky music and yelling is just part of the fun, eh?      For you that is!     So here are five things to remember on Friday, so that neither you nor your pets have a frightening time of it:

  1. Find a safe room in the house well away from the front door for your pets to hang out.   Why?    It is easy enough for a pet to slip out a door that keeps opening all evening …. let alone one that might actually be frightened by the goblins and ghosts.   An ounce of prevention might be all that stands between a fun evening and ‘the night we lost Rover’.
  2. Peak trick or treating times are between five and eight pm.    Pick a different time for your evening leash walk.     Why?    See #1
  3. Do not leave boxes of Halloween treats piled on the floor … or in any other area that a reasonably nimble counter surfer could reach.    All the food experts agree that chocolate can be fatal for dogs.
  4. Make sure that colored wigs and glow sticks are not left lying around when curious pets could mistake them for toys, and last but not least
  5. When your own wee monsters return from the fray, after you go through their treat bags with them, make sure that their booty is kept out of pet reach.     Equally important, make sure that the candy wrappers are secured out of reach too!

What time is it?    It is always time to enjoy a bit of fun  … but is also important to protect our pets!



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