On overlooking the obvious

I love making muffins!    What is not to love?    So simple and easy to make that they top the quick bread charts!     Even better, most of my favouite recipes are lower in sugar than the cookies I can so easily become addicted to.   Best of all of course is the simple pleasure of serving up something warm on a cold old day like this!

Mind you, all the walking in the world will not undo the impact of all that extra butter that just melts right in when anything is irresistibly fresh out of the oven.      So I have learned the hard way to let the muffins cool down a bit before doing taste parade 🙂

Cooling down is not necessarily a bad thing in life either.    Sober second thought is often referred to as a cooling down period.     Truth be told, here in the real world, impulse decisions are the mother of most regrets, eh?      Somehow, when we get home and leave the sales pitch behind, that knacky new phone / tablet / smart tv / etc quickly loses its luster.

When that happens with things, all one can do is chalk it up as a lesson learned!   But it is a completely different kettle of fish when pets are purchased without any kind of sober second thought!   Before the keyboards catch on fire … yes I know that reputable breeders and rescues do not pass pets out like candy!

Sadly, there are still ever so many other places one can get a pet!   Places that do not require all those ‘annoying bits’ like references or home visits!   Places where personal privacy is respected … as long as one can pony up the purchase price!

Those who feel fettered by the new rules on Kijiji can readily turn to a wide variety of buy, sell and trade sites on Facebook!     Sheesh … no one is monitoring the activity there, eh?

The short version of all this is that … in the absence of mandatory breeder registration of any sort … it is definitely buyer beware for any kind heart looking for a new pet.    Why is that a problem?

Not to be mean, but if everyone did their due diligence, people would realize that their house and their yard are already as big as they are going to get!    Busy folks would understand that they do not actually have time for all that training and walking and yes extra housework that a pet can entail!  Those who believe that pets and babies do not mix would either wait … or get fixed themselves!     Folks would go to dog shows and talk to breeders instead of making lifestyle decisions based on a movie or tv show characters.

But why would they need all that darned sober second thought?     Are animal rescues not there to catch them when they fall?    Well .. here in the real world …. most rescues have waiting lists of pets waiting to be surrendered!    Now … before the keyboards catch on fire … yes I do know that not every pet is surrendered to rescue as a result of poor planning on the pet owners part.    There are a myriad of good reasons that do not include moving, divorce, imminent childbirth and the like!

And that is exactly why it is important for folks to lead with their head instead of their heart when picking out a pet!      Animal rescuers already have a full enough plate without catering to those who expect them to be clean up crew!

What time is it?    It is way, way past time for those new regulations to include mandatory breeder registration that would include every person selling a pet in this province!   That way the proposed certificate of health could actually be more realistically enforced.

To be perfectly honest, I am surprised that our cash strapped government keeps overlooking such a lucrative source of tax revenue!


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