Its National Feral Cat Day!

One of my favourite quotes from Alley Cat Allies is that if you love cats you are already an advocate!     Unfortunately, here in the real world, many folks still view owned and community cats as being two entirely separate species.     They may love their own cats, but sympathy slips away when a stray shows up at their door.    As a matter of fact,  even people with their own pet cats are capable of viewing ferals as vermin that need to be exterminated 😦

Here in Nova Scotia, we get a little luckier every year.     Each and every year since I started blogging, there have been more groups devoted to the care of community cats.     Does that mean that everything is fixed (pardon the bad pun)?    Not even close!  Like anything else in this world, ignoring the whole community cat population situation has only magnified the scope of the problem, eh?

But it does mean that we are moving in the right direction.   While I am sure that every cat rescuer in this province believes they are bailing the boat with a sieve,  the tireless advocacy work of Tuxedo Stan and Earl Grey has opened the box and brought real attention to the issue.

As it happens, today is actually National Feral Cat Day.   Yes I know that technically that is in the states, but there is absolutely no reason that we cannot use the date to help our own hard working rescuers who volunteer their time and energy to create better and healthier communities in this province.

How can you help?  Besides spreading the word with an Alley Cat Allies e-card?    Let me count some of the ways:

  • Donate money!    Money makes the cat rescue world go round!    From vet bills to food and beyond, no cat rescuer can ever say ‘let’s forget about the money’!
  • Donate supplies!     Each and every cat rescue and shelter in this province has a wish list of items on their website or Facebook page that they need to carry on caring properly for the cats!    Food and litter top every list … along with the simple cleaning supplies needed to keep the cats healthy!  Even a package of paper towels or a gallon of bleach can be put to good use, eh?
  • Foster!     The number of cats and kittens that can be rescued equals the number of fosters available.     Normally, the rescue provides the food and medical care so that all the foster has to give is their time and love.     As one long time cat fosterer pal so sweetly put it … what other job can you take on where you get paid in purrs?
  • Share, share, share!    When adorable pictures of adoptable cats and kittens pop up in your news feed, take two seconds and share the photo!    Who knows what wonderful things will come of that!   Fun fact … social networking saves lives!
  • Have some real fun!   Attending rescue fundraisers is a great way to help without making any kind of committment at all!

What time is it?    It is always time to remember that it is going to take a community to make a meaningful difference for community cats




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