With one simple click of your mouse ….

Believe it or not, I love doing dishes by hand!    Why?    Do I have nothing better to do?    Of course not!   The short answer is that as I am freewheeling down to sixty, there is absolutely nothing that feels better on my hands than dipping them in a sink of hot soapy water!

Please do not get me wrong!    In no way, shape or form am I whining about this.   All things being equal, I consider myself lucky that …. unless I look in the mirror … rheumatoid arthritis is the only real sign that I am not sixteen anymore.

Is that why I have such a special spot in my heart for senior pets?   You bet!   Now I understand why my mother’s generation used to lie about their age!    It was less about vanity than about actual respect.    In a world where so many still associate loss of elasticity with loss of brain cells , it is simply a matter of overcoming prejudice and being taken seriously.

Senior pets face much the same battles!   Being beautifully behaved cannot compete with youngsters who can offer the possibility of fifteen or twenty years of love, eh?  Even worse, kind hearts can be deterred by the possibility of higher vet bills.    The worst bit of course is that all too many folks believe that an older pet could not possibly bond with a new family!

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record .. a pet is not an automobile or a washing machine!    Even the best breeders and the most reputable rescues cannot possibly be fortune tellers.     In realspeak that means that there is no actual way to predict exactly how long a pet will live!

Nor is there are there any reliable roadmaps for the cost of vet care.   Helpful hint … one thing that most folks do not realize is that it is possible and actually very easy to get pet insurance for senior pets!    Truth be told, when one adopts from a reputable and responsible rescue, there will be no hidden health surprises waiting in the wings, eh?

One of the best things about animals is that they do not bring our human handicaps to the table.    Not to be mean, but in this house there would be no way for the casual observer to be aware of who came first … so to speak.   To be perfectly blunt, there has never been a pet of any age here who did not open his or her own heart when I opened my home!

Really, it is just a funny quirky personal preference of mine that I prefer mature pets!   For me there is no substitute for the Zen experience of living with mature pets.      I can easily resist the Facebook albums full of puppy pictures … but show me a ten-year old mutt and my heart turns to mush!

But I am wandering afield, as I am wont to do in my meandering way!    The point that I am trying to make today it is not all doom and gloom for senior pets needing new digs!   The good news is that these days, more senior pets do come into rescue.   When I first started doing the homeless pet site,  there was a very short list of rescues who would take in homeless pets over the age of five!   Sadder still, I could count one hand the rescues who would take in a genuinely elderly pet!

What time is it?    In a couple of weeks, November will be here!   What does that mean?  Why of course that it will be Adopt a Senior Pet Month!     Why is that important?   Well … if you are looking for a new pet … it might be time to remember that senior pets really are more experienced at love!

If your life is already complete, then it could be time to share senior pet listings on your favourite social networking sites!    Who knows what wonderful things might come of one simple click of your mouse?     You might not be looking … but one of your friends … or their friends … might just be the perfect match!     It is probably the simplest and easiest good deed you can possibly do, eh?

And at the end of the day, it is always, always time to remember that they are never, ever too old to be loved!


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