On keeping the lamp lit

When I was a little girl, I used to love leafing through both the Eatons and the Simpson Sears Christmas Catalogues.  Did it matter that there was no reasonable hope of finding all those treasures under our own tree?   Maybe just a teeny bit, eh?    After all, as a child I had no idea that the real gift my parents gave me was to never make the season all about things.

My inner little girl was very excited to read on the People for Dogs Facebook page that The NS Gov will be tabling amendments to the Animal Protection Act on Thursday, October 9, 2014. ” These amendments, once proclaimed are the next step toward the finalization of the new regulations. Standards of Care for Cats and Dogs will follow. “

Does that mean that we will see meaningful chain-ge?    That this winter dogs will not suffer out in the storms and the cold?   That it will become illegal to shoot a cat or a dog?  To drown them?   To injure them?   To neglect them?    To abandon them?    To breed willy nilly with no concern about breed standards or genetic health consequences?

Who knows?    Today only the Minister and his staff are privy to that!     In my perfect fantasy world, tomorrow we will finally … after all these years …  see something of substance to protect the living breathing sentient we have been advocating for.

So tomorrow I will be checking the Order Paper to see when I should look for the nitty-gritty in the Hansard and follow the Bill’s progress, including the debates, on the Status of Bills page.

What time is it?   It is always time to be optimistic and hope!   But here in the real world,  it is also time to play very close attention to the work our elected officials are doing on our ‘behalf’

Hope is patience with the lamp lit.  Tertullian



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