In praise of adult cats ….


This weekend will mark my twenty-first anniversary of living out here.     It is by far the longest I have ever lived in one place and folks who have been here all readily understand why I have settled so snugly in.      Every year at this time, I remember to be thankful for having such a perfect (for me) place to live.

Like anything else in life, there always at least one fly in the ointment.   When I first moved out here, this was also a popular dumping spot for cats.    Was … you say?     Does that mean things are better for cats now?    That they are not being abandoned?    Left to fend for themselves?

Of course not!   It simply means that this area has become built up a wee bit more.   In realspeak that means that there are simply fewer spots where cats can be dumped without witnesses!    In other words, people are still dumping cats …. just not in my backyard anymore 😦

How do I know that if strays are no longer showing up at the door?     The answer to that is so simple a stump could understand!    Every cat rescue in this province is full to the gunnels!    One does not need to spend a lot of time on social networking sites to realize that cat rescuers around the province are facing increasingly difficult challenges!

Mischief’s Memory has filled up and is currently closed for intake!       In realspeak THAT means that they will be unable to help more cats come in from the cold until some of their rescued kitties are adopted!   It does not mean that the need will slow down!   That street cats will stop reproducing!   Nor does it mean that winter will wait until there is room at this particular inn!

Over the years, there have been very few kittens here.    As a result, I have learned a thing or two about adopting adult cats.     I have learned that they are old enough and wise enough to recognize the value of a second chance.   Even better, adult cats bond every bit as well as kittens when someone opens their home and their heart.     It was just a bonus that each and every one smoothly settled into domestic bliss with no need for litter box lessons.

Best of all of course was that … because more is caught than taught … in her turn my (now) adult daughter has gone on to adopt an adult kitty herself!

Really it is just frosting on the cake that the adults are less inclined to find bits like pyjama pant strings and toilet paper rolls as fascinating as their younger counterparts do!  And to be perfectly honest, the casual observer would be utterly unable to tell which of my five beautiful cats came here as adults!

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that when one adopts a cat of any age one is really saving two lives … because their kind act liberates a rescue slot for the next cat in need.   PS … If anyone is interested in adopting any of these wonderful cats, please contact Mischief’s Memory.


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