How sweet it is … updated

Important update!   Due to this weekend’s weather forecast, Tails on the Rails has been postponed to Oct 19th at ten am!

I love our morning hikes!    To be perfectly honest, being able to do this each and every day is truly one of the best bits about being retired.   What a joy it is to be able to meander along our woodland paths in the Zen company of my sweet seniors.     Even better, at least in my neck of the woods, right now there are bright bits of beauty to be seen around every bend in the path!   Best of all of course is that it is too cold for the darned bugs … but still not brisk enough to bundle up!

Really … what could possibly be better than that?     Well … how about going for a nice hike along the trails on the rails in the company of fellow dog lovers?    This Sunday, Oct fifth,  kind hearts can help The Animal Rescue Coalitions while having a lovely hike along the Rails to Trails. (see poster below for details)

Imagine being able to have all that fun AND help such a reputable and well-respected rescue!    It is just a fact of life that it takes more than love and hard work to make every Happy Tail happen.    At the very least, most rescued dogs need to be spayed or neutered.     Very few come into rescue already up to date on their vaccinations.     In a world where so many senior humans have to struggle to make ends meet, their pals often need the big-ticket items like dental surgery when they come into care.    Rescues often have to go the extra mile for chained dogs who often need training to build their confidence and social skills.    And of course, when pet owners get in over their heads, vet care can add up in a hurry as it did for the Valley Nineteen.

Yet each and every week, The Animal Rescue Coalitions is able to repeatedly say “yes … we will take this dog”    Each and every week!    Year in and year out!    So it really is sweet that this Saturday is your chance to say “yes I will come and help”.

What time is it?    It is always time to remember that nobody puts the fun in fundraising like our reputable animal rescues!


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