Orange is more than the new black

Wow … it is the first of October already!     Really … I should not be so surprised when the leaves have already launched their fall beauty parade!

Here in the country, October first is also the time to break out other colors as well!   What do I mean?    Pumpkin people?  Pressed leaf displays?   Pretty purple asters?    Close but no cigar!   Today I am actually talking about bright orange dog coats and vests.   Why?

Here in Nova Scotia, the first of October also marks the beginning of hunting season in most places.   And yes … before the keyboards catch on fire … I do know that the general deer season ( for adults anyway ) does not start until the end of this month.    However, besides being bow hunting season, right now it is also bird season.

Why put on the orange vests for that?   Who in their right mind would confuse a dog with a pheasant?   Or a partridge?   Or a ruffled grouse?

The answer to that is pretty darned simple!    Here in this province, it is commonly believed by hunters that it is legal to shoot a dog chasing a deer.    Does it matter if this is actually true?    Not at a time of year when people can legally carry guns in the woods, eh?

If somebody shoots a dog, does it even matter if they can be charged?    Would that bring a beloved friend back from the bridge?    Of course not!     So the short answer is that from now until the middle of December, we will all wear our orange coats whenever we go the woods.    Straight, sweet and simple!

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that it is our job to look out for our best friends.


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