A little musing about priorities

I love this time of year!    The garden chores are almost finished for the season.  All the cupboards and freezers are full of good things that began as seeds last spring.   So now it is time to take stock of the perennials successfully raised from seed and start thinking about where to put them next spring.

Year in and year out, there is a repetitive rhythm to the succession of garden activities that even the smallest of gardens need.      To be perfectly honest, in this ever-changing world it is considerable comfort to follow the seasons in somewhat predictable pattern.

Now that is all very fine and well for the garden …. where it is to be hoped that things WILL happen again and again.

It is of course a completely different cup of tea for animal rescuers.       Why?   Wouldn’t one think they would like a comfortable routine?  Actually not!    Why?   Well put yourself in their shoes for a moment.      It takes a LOT of time and energy ( and money )  to rescue each and every pet that comes into rescue.

So why go to all that (unpaid) work?    The short answer to that is so simple a stump could understand!    Each and every animal rescuer is trying to make their community a better place for the animals.   Each and every one!

What gets in the way of that?   To be perfectly blunt, in the absence of any meaningful animal protection regulations, there is rarely anything to stop pet owners from getting another pet after they surrender one to rescue.   It does not matter a fiddlers fig that those who surrender animals will usually be unable to adopt again.  Sheesh … when people are passing out kittens like candy and peddling puppies in the online yard sale sites … there is absolutely nothing to stop them when they want a new pet!

Take for instance any one of the numerous rescuers who have managed to convince owners of chained dogs to surrender their dog to rescue.    Usually it takes a lot of time .. and no small amount of tactful teeth gritting … to negotiate this.   After all, there is nothing in the existing Animal Protection Act to prevent anyone in this province from chaining living sentient beings 24/7.   Absolutely nothing!

The real frustration lies in the fact that there is also NOTHING preventing said pet owners from running and getting a new dog.    Nor will they be prohibited from chaining their new pal out when it … like its predecessor … somehow magically was not able to train itself to their satisfaction.

But that is not even the worst bit!   We are continually being told that the reason it is taking so long to get a better legislative deal for the animals is that the Liberals want to make sure that they get it right.

Not to be mean, but it really is a shame that the animals are not as much of a priority as union busting.   If so, especially in the hands of a majority government,  legislation would be galloping through the house,  eh?     Good gracious, the Health Authorities Act was only introduced for First Reading yesterday.   Already today it is scheduled for Second Reading Debates … where after it will skate off to for the Law Committee’s stamp of approval.

In short … whether one agrees with them or not … the Liberals clearly understand that laws  are necessary to effect real change.   Indeed, they know that laws play a critical role in shaping the sort of society that they want to see!    Straight, sweet and simple!

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that real chain-ge will only be effected when there are actual laws to protect innocent animals from becoming collateral damage.

Law is nothing unless close behind it stands a warm living public opinion.   Wendell Phillips

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