The most precious thing …. part two

I love making pumpkin stew!   Why?    Is the made from scratch security of being able to pronounce all the ingredients?      Might it be the feel good fragrance wafting through the yard?    Or is it the fringe benefit of having easy to heat leftovers that can be frozen for later?

Really, it is just frosting on the cake that it is one of the most economical dishes in my comfort food repertoire!      These days, that is nothing to be sneezed at, eh?

Sadly, the economic rabbit is often pulled out of the hat whenever animal advocates argue for better laws, regulations and / or bylaws for the animals.     Changes can so easily get bogged down in discussions of enforcement costs.     Fiscally strapped municipalities are unwilling to engage in any commitments for fear of adding additional line items to their budgets.      Even the provincial department responsible for animal cruelty cannot scrape together the funding for the society to perform its legally mandated work!

But here is the thing that everyone seems to be overlooking … sometimes it is not about more money but smarter spending!    Really?    Straight, sweet and simple, government departments at all levels could take lessons from reputable rescues around the province.

At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, just look at the simple, cost-effective things that could be included in the Municipal Act:

  • Make Animal Control statistics publicly available in an easily accessible location on ALL municipal websites.     Really … how on earth can kind hearts be moved to help if problems are swept under the rug?    As of this writing …. even though it would represent NO cost to add to existing websites, there is not one single municipality or county in this province that is doing this!   Not one!
  • Every animal control or their contracted representatives, including the SPCA, must make all animals available to rescue organizations or shelters when the impound period is finished.
  • Oblige all animal control departments or their contracted representatives to open a FREE Petfinder account to list all impounded animals.     The date of the impound period and any scheduled killing date must be included if rescues are to be able to play a life saving role.      A role I might add that is done on a volunteer basis with no financial burden being borne by AC.
  • Hand in hand with the above, use the existing FREE widget to set up  a FREE Petfinder Pet List Scroller on the Municipal or County website.   This would provide access for both potential adopters and for rescues in order to adopt and / or help.
  • Protect and encourage tended feral cat colonies by law in the Municipal Act.   These colonies contribute to the overall health and well-being of communities at no cost to municipalities and should be separate entities from any cat running at large bylaws.

What time is it?     One does not need to be an economist to know that governments at all levels in this province are facing unprecedented fiscal challenges.     In the midst of trying to stretch every dollar to make two, it is definitely time to take advantage of any opportunities that offer a better deal for the animals without additional cost.


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