A little chat about missing the boat

I love cooking with food that I have grown in my own garden!     Tonight’s menu will include breaded zucchini sticks, sweet and sour carrots and a nice garlic scented creamed kale!

In this day and age, when there is so much very justifiable concern about the safety of our food, it is a great comfort to know that everything in my garden has been grown from seeds sourced from companies that have taken the Safe Seed Pledge.    As an organic gardener, it is also very reassuring to know exactly what was and was not used to bring everything to the table.

Really it is just frosting on the cake that I actually save a fair bit of money along the way!

The pet industry is big business, and is no wonder that all commercial participants balk at any regulations that would affect their business models or profit margins.    To be perfectly honest, I have never understood why the CKC has periodically allowed its very reputable voice to be partnered in a seemingly one-sided relationship with commercial breeders …. but that is a sticky subject for another day, eh?

As always, I am wandering afield in my meandering way.   The point I am trying to make today is that it is my very great … if wildly optimistic … hope that when these new regulations do surface that they will include mandatory breeder registration.

Lets face it, the only ones who would NOT benefit from mandatory breeder registration would be those who are currently earning tax-free income by exploiting both pet owners and the animals that they love.

For everyone else, there would really be no downside.    Ideally, Mandatory Breeder registration would:

  • the purchase of an annual breeding license.
  • the requirement for all breeding dogs kept or owned by the breeder must be permanently identified with either a tatoo or a microchip
  • annual litter limits per bitch of one litter per year
  • minimum breeding age … general consensus puts this at two years
  • lifetime litter limits … suggestions vary between three and five litters per bitch
  • the license number of the permit must be included in any advertisements in any media for the puppies.    It must also be displayed where the puppies are sold.
  • that both mother dogs and their pups be kept in a clean, warm, dry area that is not isolated from humans
  • that all dogs belonging to the breeder be fed an appropriate quantity and quality of food for their individual needs
  • Puppies may not be sold before eight weeks of age, and must be certified healthy by a vet.   All puppies must  have had their vaccines (for distemper and parvo at the least), and their stools must be certified clean of worms and parasites by a vet.   One copy of this certificate must be given to the new owner of the pups, and one copy must be kept by the breeder
  • All puppies must be microchipped at their first vet visit.  The breeder must include their name, as well as the purchaser’s, when the form is sent in.
  • the license must stipulate permission for SPCANS inspectors and animal control bylaw enforcement officers to inspect the breeder’s premises, and
  • records of all sales and expenses to be available for inspection by CRA auditors.

Currently, the indiscriminate breeding of companion animals for sale creates an unnecessary fiscal burden for the taxpayer.      Mandatory breeding legislation would make breeders of puppies accountable when their progeny are impounded by animal control.     Even better, it would provide a proper auditable health trail that would protect the consumers.   Best of all of course is that in this cash strapped fiscal environment, breeders would be required to pay taxes on that income … just like all the rest of us have to do!

And before the keyboards catch on fire … yes i know that the neither the society nor any AC in this province have the resources to go door to door checking for unregistered breeders.   Nor would they have to.    It would be a complaint driven process, just as the reporting of any other animal issues currently is.

So why not just have mandatory Spay Neuter for all puppies?   Wouldn’t that help?     Actually no … that would be exact opposite of helpful.   Setting aside the simple  fact that the decision when to spay or neuter a dog is a personal dog by dog choice, historically higher licensing rates for intact animals have not done a darned thing to prevent backyard breeders and puppy mills.

What time is it?   The House begins sitting today … and already it is clear that fiscal reality has been getting in the way of even their ‘priority’ promises.     Even a middle-aged grandmother like myself can see that it is high time someone smartens up and stops missing out on such a good source of revenue.


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