On making a Big difference with the Littlest ones


Who does not love Pick of the Litter Society?    The truth is that we are all grateful for the good work that they do!    Without their experience and specialized skill sets, hundreds and hundreds of  tiny orphans would not have survived over the years, eh?

This has been a very busy year for Pick of the Litter.    As of last week, over three hundred wee ones had come into care … and that is not even counting the wee ones pictured below who have arrived this week!   Three hundred!    And we are not … in bureaucratspeak … even into the fourth quarter of the year!

Like any reputable rescue, Pick of the Litter understands the value of transparency.    Inge knows that people are not normally psychic.     That the kind-hearted public cannot possibly be expected to grasp the scope of the homeless cat problem without a little help.

So she faithfully posts pictures of every tiny little one she takes in!     Even better, Inge is wise enough to let the over eight hundred kind hearts who have liked the Pick of the Litter Facebook Group know when she needs help or assistance!

Best of all, she is clever enough to remind people that reputable rescues like hers use one hundred percent of their donor dollars on the animals!   How can you help?     Besides dialing direct and donating to Pick of the Litter Society? 

Happily, it is not too late to shop AND help!   Today is actually the last day for the Tupperware fundraiser for Pick of the Litter

As it happens, one of the biggest fundraiser that will help Pick of the Litter Society will be launching this weekend!     If you are looking for an awesome holiday gift for any animal lovers on your list, the famous His n’ Purrs Calendars will be on sale, starting at the launch party this Saturday!

What time is it?    It is always time to support our hard-working rescues.   All of our communities are better places because of the energy and love they so generously give to the animals.



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