What will it take them to act?

What was that sound we heard reverberating around the province last night?     It was of course  the collective cry of anguish coming from the animal loving community in this province!   Yesterday’s news that the Truro Cat Killing Case had been dismissed by the Crown prosecutor in Truro was so utterly unbelievable, eh?

How could something so unacceptable still be happening?     Hadn’t we moved past the days when a confessed kitten killer was awarded a Five Dollar Fine?

Clearly we have not!     Why … in the name of all that we hold dear …. was a trial not at least held?   Were there no witnesses to the alleged crime?    Actually there were!

So why was there no trial?    Why dismiss the charges?    To be perfectly honest, we are all utterly unable to understand.    Even the Truro Police Department are bewildered, as evidenced by this unprecedented press release.

It would be sheer speculation to suggest that there might have been a different outcome if meaningful new regulations for the Animal Protection Act had been delivered on time as promised.    Truth be told, I expect that the existing law might have sufficed … judging by the fact that the SPCA was able to lay charges against  the Preston dog owner   .

Would it have made a difference if meaningful  new regulations had been implemented?    If … instead of dilly dallying with a succession of new hires, decent regulations had actually been written.     Not to be mean, but it is not as if our Department of Agriculture even had to do any research on the subject …. because animal advocates had carefully compiled all the necessary background material for them.

All the Department had to do was stop stalling!     Indeed … failure on their part to act seems to be sending a clear message … that protecting animals from harm simply is not a priority in this province!

Bill Gates once said that “I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act.”    Animal advocates like People for Dogs have been publicizing the problems AND offering up solutions.     Yet as of this writing, the Minster of Agriculture and his Department still have not been moved to act!

What time is it?    Today it is too late to help the poor cat and in Truro and his anguished family.     But it is not too late to let your MLA know that you expect your elected representatives to provide more meaningful protection for the animals in this province.

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