A little musing about 1000 days

I love making quiche!   It is one of those handy bits every cook keeps in their bag of tricks ….  simple time-tested favourites that can be pulled together at the drop of a hat.    To be perfectly honest, if it wasn’t a bit rich for everyday fare,  it would be on the menu more often here, eh?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if everything in life was that easy and quick?    If spectacular results could be achieved in the blink of an eye?

Yes it would … but here in the real world that is seldom how things work!   Take People for Dogs for instance!    It has been about one thousand days now since three animal advocates formed a coalition for Chain-ge.     One thousand days!

So do we have better laws for the animals?     Has Nova Scotia led the way by banning tethering? Have the draft regulations at least been finalized?

Not even close!    Today is the first day of fall and the only change we can see so far are the colors of the leaves!

Does that mean that People for Dogs work has been in vain?   Of course not!  While the government continues to dither like a pheasant in the middle of the road, public support continues to grow for more humane laws for the animals.   Each and every time that an … ahem … inadequate molehill has been presented as a mountain by our politicians, People for Dogs have kept calling for more meaningful chain-ge.

Along the way, the society has been at best reluctant to work with People for Dogs and at worst has actually undermined their work.    Yet each and every time, People for Dogs have been quick to publicize the society’s need for funding to perform their legislated mandate.

And here is the best bit … each and every day that the government continues to place itself in an adversarial position with animal loving voters, this grassroots advocacy group continues to gain public support.

Today is the first day of fall and I will be treating myself to a lovely little quiche chock full of good things from the garden.

Will we be seeing those darned regulations … now that fall is here?    Will chained dogs finally come in from the cold this winter?     Will there be some measures of control for the indiscriminate but highly profitable back yard breeding operations in this province?    Will it finally be illegal to shoot a cat or a dog?

At the risk of sounding cynical  … probably not!     If the Minister of Agriculture had any enthusiasm for writing better regulations,  we would not still be waiting.     And before the keyboards catch on fire, it is not enough that the Minister and his staff love animals.   To brutally blunt, the only animals helped by that are their own personal pets.

Nor is it enough … even in 2014 … to hope that by now ‘everyone knows’ how to do the right thing either.   At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, the reason we have laws is to protect the innocent, eh?

What time is it?    Even if the goal seems to keep slipping out of sight, it is time to congratulate People for Dogs for the time and effort and personal sacrifice that their work has taken thus far.    We are much further down the road than we were one thousand days ago.     If the animals could talk, I am betting they would be thankful for that!

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