Some saturday fun for the kitties

If ever I am down in the dumps, there is always a quick pick me up in this house.    Each and every time I come in my front door, my cats and dogs fuss over me as if I had been away for years!

Wait just a minute … did I just say the cats run to greet me at the door?   You bet!    Is it because they are optimistic enough to bet that I’ve been grocery shopping?    Might it be that they are hoping for treats?    Close but no cracker jack prize!

I like to think they are just happy to see me!   Of course, it does not hurt that cats are brilliant as well as beautiful.     I am sure it did not take them too long to figure out that running to greet me was a sure path to love and attention!

The kind hearts who run the Cat Angel Network here in Nova Scotia are as clever as the cats that they help.   Back in their ‘Second Chance’ days they masterminded the Meow Movers!     This year these same kind hearts have come up with another brilliant idea … the His ‘n’ Purrs 2015 Calendar!    The Official launch will be next week 7pm on September 27 at The Atrium, 60 Highfield Park Drive, in Dartmouth

Does this mean they are no longer doing auctions?   Of course not!     As a matter of fact, the next Giant Yard Sale will be held this Saturday, September 20th!    (see poster below for details)

What time is it?   It is simply a fact of life that cat rescue groups cannot function without fundraising.    In other words … it is ALWAYS time to support the kind hearts of the Cat Angel Network for pulling out all the stops to help!

Giant Yard Sale Sept 2014.jpg (2)


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