Following up on the Valley Nineteen

At the beginning of this week, I did a little blog post about about a collaborative rescue project that has come to be known as The Valley Nineteen.       Since then, I have had a few emails wondering why the society did not spearhead a project of this size.     After all, are they not the official voice for the animals?

Yes and no!   What do I mean by that?   Is it that there are physical limits to what an organization can do without decent funding?   ( The sticky subject of how often fundraising opportunites have slipped through the society’s fingers is a testy topic deserving of a post of its own on another day, eh?)

Might it be that old habits die hard and petowners are not ready to trust that every pet will live to tell the tail in the society’s hands?   Nor does the society do itself any favours by sharing Unhappy Tails from hoarding seizures on social media …  particularly in the absence of any publicly available current statistics to back up their claim to No Kill fame, eh?

Or perhaps it is simpler than that.   In this relationship based world, people are naturally going to reach out to folks they know.    Who in turn reach out to folks that they know and trust.

Lets face it, if the society wants to make rescue part of its mandate, there is no shortage of opportunities to step up.   Every rescue and shelter in this province has a waiting list … as I suspect do all the society branches.

Straight, sweet and simple … the Valley Nineteen are really only a drop in this months rescue bucket.   Each and every one of these rescues has other adorable adoptables in their care.     Each and every one, eh?

Buster, Scruffy and Lady

Buster, Scruffy and Lady

For instance, as of this writing, including their share of the  Valley  Nineteen, The Animal Rescue Coalitions  alone have taken in thirty-two dogs during the first twelve days of September, eh?

But .. I am wandering afield as I am often wont to do in my meandering way … diverted by such unnecessary drama from the story at hand

How are the Valley Nineteen doing?   Very well actually!     It has been a busy few days for all the rescues with a flurry of vet visits with a beautiful litter of puppies to boot!

Chewie aka Chewbacka is discovering the joys of toys and chewables 🙂

Ruby and Oreo have been to the vet and Ruby has been demonstrating her skills as a cat whisperer!

And this is only a sampling of the cuteness to be found among the Valley Nineteen 🙂

We often do not recognize history in the making.     Most of the game changers start just as humbly and simply as this project.

What time is it?    It is always, always time to appreciate what a beautiful thing this project is.   More importantly, it is always time for everyone to remember that without work of this kind, we will never hope to get to No Kill Nova Scotia.


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