Time to saddle up


It is a lot of work being the Queen Bee!   She has to keep three bumbling big boys in line … while gradually teaching our little feral the ins and outs of domestic bliss.    For a very amateur photographer like myself, that also means that it next to impossible to catch a good picture of her when she is awake.

I am of course talking about my mighty little mini Morgan!    Make no mistake about it … in the cat world size seldom matters.     When Morgan tells the rest of them to hop … so to speak … they ask how high on the way up!

Seven years ago we went over to SHAID to adopt Morgan.   Why go so far?   Were there no homeless cats around here?   The short version of THAT story is simple.   At that time, SHAID offered a regular online newsletter chock full of appealing tidbits like Morgan’s story.    I was so moved by her courage that rest became history, eh?    In other words, the moral of that Happy Tail is that it is always worthwhile to pull out all the stops to promote all the quirky little round pegs that might not fit into every square hole.

I remember how excited we were the morning we went over!    To be perfectly honest, if the shelter had been open at seven, we would have left at the crack of dawn 🙂    As it was, we arrived just at opening time and walked in to a lobby full of happy smiling volunteers.  That is .. they WERE smiling until they noticed the crate in my hand.   Indeed it was not until I said ‘hi, I’m here to adopt Morgan’ that the icicles thawed!

By everyone’s best reckoning, Morgan was a year and a half old.    She was already as big and as beautiful as she was going to get, so I knew there would be no surprises in store.    After everything that she had been through, she was eager to settle into my heart and my home.

Really, it is such a fallacy that only kittens can bond well.    Within days of arriving here, the casual observer could never have imagined that Morgan had not spent her entire life here!    Even better, I knew that neither of us would ever have to contend with unanticipated kittens, because like all reputable rescues, SHAID alters all its adoptables.   It was really frosting on the cake that she was already litter box trained and loved a good sleep every bit as much as myself.

Last night on the news, I noticed a woman at the Moncton SPCA talking about how cats are still treated like second class pets and are viewed as being more disposable.     Seven years ago when I adopted Morgan that was true.   Sadly it is still true now.

More so actually!   Why would I say that?   The answer is so simple a stump could understand!    Each and every year that politicians put off meaningful spay neuter support, the cat population will continue to increase.

Each and every year that media outlets ignore abandoned cat stories as not being newsworthy, people will continue to abandon cats and kittens in horrific numbers.   Bear in mind that these same folks are capable of pulling out all the stops for the occasional box of homeless puppies, eh?     The simple truth is that the sheer volume of stories of cat abandonment actually IS the story … if any outlet ever had the courage to face it!

And each and every year that people are allowed to peddle living, breathing sentient beings in an anonymous manner on the free online ad sites,  there is next to no motivation for some folks to spay or neuter their cats.

The reason we have laws is to protect the innocent.      Straight, sweet and simple!   As long as there are no legal consequences for abandoning cats, people will continue to treat them like rubbish.     As long as it is legal to advertise living, breathing sentient beings in the free online ad sites, people too cheap or too stupid to alter their cats will continue to perpetuate the cycle.

In other words … meaningful regulations are needed to effect meaningful change for cats.    Two weeks from today the House will resume sitting.     If you have not already done so, please let your MLA know that you are a tax paying voter and are expecting to see meaningful regulations to augment the Animal Protection Act.

What time is it?   John Wayne once said “Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.”   In other words, the time for talking and stalling and making more excuses has past.   It is way, way past time for our MLA’s to ‘saddle up”

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