Something to be thankful for …

There is a parade of pumpkins in my kitchen!    Does this mean I am decorating for Thanksgiving?   Nope!     In this house, hanging herbs and jars of preserves have to suffice for fall decorations, eh?   Most of the pumpkin will be heading to the freezer and will reappear later in baked goods and dog food whenever we wish 🙂

Thanksgiving is always a special time in this house!      Is it because the pickles are making their debut of the season?    Might it be the yummy feast?     Or that the showstopping display of fall leaves is at its absolute perfect peak?

Close, but no cigar!     It is actually much more basic than that.     It is simply so satisfying to have the security of knowing that the larder and the woodshed are full!    That appeals to my inner survivalist, eh?    It really is frosting on the cake to be able to see such tangible results for all that tilling and planting and weeding and woodstacking, eh?

This year, Thanksgiving will also be a special time for Safe Haven Animal Rescue.     As we speak, they have an absolutely beautiful momma cat and her newborn litter of cutie pies in their care!      Why will Thanksgiving be so special for them?   Because that is when they will be available for adoption!

Melissa Lee has been rescuing cats for at least as long as I have been blogging!   To be perfectly honest, even she has lost count of how very, very many cats and kittens she has spayed and neutered over the years!     If one thinks in terms of how many unwanted kittens THAT has prevented, it just boggles the mind, eh?

Such miracles are not actually made by waving any magic wand.    It takes a lot of time and effort and yes.. fundraising … to rescue!     Before Thanksgiving gets here, on Sept 27th, there will be a BBQ and Supplies Drive for Safe Haven at the Foodland in Berwick from 10 am until 6pm.     ( Kind hearts who want to help and cannot make this event can always donate to the Safe Haven account at the Berwick Animal Hospital, 902-538-8039 )

What time is it?     It is ALWAYS time to support your local cat rescuers.      They are saving lives!   Even better, they are preventing more homeless cats.   Best of all, they are providing a very valuable public service that benefits EVERYONE in their community.

I don’t know about you … but every day I am thankful for that!



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