If a thing is worth doing …

I love putting wood away for the winter!    Why would I say that?    Am I not getting tired of moving wood from pile to stack to shed?   Year in and year out?   Actually not one bit.   The truth is that it is always such a secure feeling to know that we will be cozy and comfy and warm no matter what winter has in store for us.

Really, it is just frosting on the cake that wood heat is the best medicine for everyone’s arthritis.

Why don’t I just toss the wood in the shed when it lands in the yard?   Why bother stacking it … only to move it again later?   The answer to that is very, very simple.     IF the wood does not dry properly, it will not yield as much heat.   Even worse, burning ‘wet’ wood is actually a lot more chimney cleaning work and can even be a fire hazard.    Worst of all of course is that wet wood fires smoulder and smell and can really, really piss off the neighbours!

In other words, like anything else in life, shortcuts and half measures wind up being more work, costing more money and do absolutely nothing for neighbourhood relations in the long run.     Right now, it is to be hoped that our Department of Agriculture is in the process of fine tuning the promised new regulations for the Animal Protection Act.

To be perfectly honest, the proposed draft reminds me a lot of the darned woodpiles that did not get properly dried this summer.     Why would I say that?     Straight, sweet and simple … half measures are not going to make anyone happy.

For instance, animals advocates are not going to be pleased to see more winters with no meaningful protection for chained dogs.    What does that mean in realspeak?     Will they just nod and smile and say thank you?    Of course not!    If the hot button issues are not properly addressed, animal advocates will just continue to campaign for chain-ge.

And here is a fun fact to chew on  ….  every year that People for Dogs have been advocating .. public support just keeps growing.    Gosh … just imagine what it might be by the next election, eh?    Might it not be easier, simpler and cheaper to write good regulations now?

What time is it?    It is always time to remember that if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing right!

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