No baggage required

It would have been easy enough to miss.    To the casual observer, it would have been just part of the normal Saturday morning landscape of women out shopping and families ferrying the kids to activities.   Indeed, there was nothing particularly special to be seen about the day on the surface.

But here in Nova Scotia, sometimes we do things a little differently.    None of the rescues here have a lovely big van with an eye-catching logo.  There are no official uniforms or snappy looking T shirts.    And when there is any media presences, it usually comes long after the barn door is closed.

Yet in spite of all that, when the need arises, sometimes rescues are capable of coming together when the need is too great for any one group to grapple with.    And that is what happened last Saturday morning, right here in the valley.

The short version of this story is that an overwhelmed pet owner had reached out to rescue for help. Within days, three rescue groups had sorted themselves out on a private social media page for such things and a plan was set in motion for Saturday morning.

How did that work out ? Very well actually. On the surface, there did not seem to be anything all that stirring. Just a few kind hearts who met up at the home in a collection of very ordinary cars. No fanfare. No hoopla. No media.   Nothing to indicate that groundbreaking partnership work was underway!

Once the surrender forms were filled out and the dogs were carefully crated for transport, the yard emptied out without a trace left behind.   So what was the final tally?     The Animal Rescue Coalitions took in nine.   Home to Stay has two.  Technically Marley’s Hope has five, but at least one of those babes has puppies due so who knows what THAT final tally will be.

All but one of these dogs will need to be spayed or neutered.    Each and every one of them will need who knows how much vet care.   At least one is pregnant … none of them have had vaccines and odds are there could be some dental work needed as well!   But each and every one of them have come into good care and will go on to have wonderful lives because these three rescue groups were able to find a way to work together!

The Animal Rescue Coalitions has already taken a few pictures of these adorable adoptables.    If you wish to help with the ones in their care, donations may be made through their  rescue website.

Home To Stay Dog Rescue have taken in two lovelies … a beautiful tricolored beagle named Ruby and a sweet spaniel / cocker cross named Oreo.   Anyone wanting to help can go their website or donate directly to Sunnyview Animal Care in Bedford

Marley’s Hope have taken in five, at least one of whom is going to have puppies.   Anyone wanting to help can either go to their website or visit the Go Fund Me that has been set up.

What time is it?   It is always, always time to celebrate when rescues put animals first and work together on a project.    No one single group had the resources to rescue all of these dogs, but together they were able to make this miracle happen!

To paraphrase Dr Seuss … how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without fanfare, drama or any other bags.    Just a few kind hearts who put the animals ahead of their own agendas to take part in a groundbreaking project like this!



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