How to train your politician

I love picking blackberries!    Around here, it is one of the most restful ways to spend a hot summer afternoon.    To be perfectly honest, it is almost frosting on the cake that such a peaceful pastime is so productive 🙂

However, blackberry picking is such a bittersweet pleasure!       Why?    Because it is one of summers last sweet pleasures before fall settles in all around us.     Pretty soon we will be whining about the cold nights and wishing for some of that heat we have been complaining about!

Hopefully, fall will prove to be interesting enough this year to make up for all of that.   If the Department of Agriculture website is to be believed, sometime this fall we should see the new regulatory changes for the Animal Protection Act.     Hopefully!

Is it churlish to be so skeptical?   Not really!   Politicians have been promising change for a couple of years now!    To be fair … that is only a year for the Liberals … unless of course it was a “priority promise”, eh?

Let us be clear about one thing!    Without the dogged determination of People for Dogs, there would be no enthusiasm whatsoever for better laws to protect animals in this province!    Left to their own devices, the Liberals would have followed a well-worn path of nodding and smiling and doing nothing for the animals.

Unfortunately for the Liberals,  there is a groundswell of grassroots support for animal welfare that is growing every year.      So they stall … and they stall … and they stall … hoping all the while that public concern has past!    The Minister and his staff tell us they ‘want to get it right’ … which in real speak means that they do not want to do it at all!

Will that work?    Absolutely … but only if people stop talking to their MLA’s about the issue!     At the risk of sounding like a stuck record … the way ahead for the animals will only ever be paved by strong voter feedback!

Four weeks from tomorrow, the House of Assembly will resume sitting!     By the time our MLA’s take their seats in the House, they will already be well fortified with feedback from their ridings and ready to knuckle down to the serious business of keeping the voters who ‘hired them’ happy!

If you do not know how to contact your MLA, please CLICK HERE.     If you wish to express your concerns to the Premier and the Minister of Agriculture, please CLICK HERE.    And, last but not least, if you have not already done so, please CLICK HERE to go the People for Dogs Facebook page so that you can lend the strength of your voice with a simple ‘like’.

My mother once told me that talking to politicians is not unlike parenting!   Be firm!   Be respectful!   But above all, be persistent!

What time is it?   It is always time to remember that the best bit about living in a democracy is having a voice.   This year … and every year until things change … the animals are depending on you to be the voice they do not have!

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