Be still my beating heart ….

I love living in Nova Scotia!    Is it the natural beauty?     Or … unless one lives in Pictou County … the cleaner air?    Might it be the great gardening zones?     The friendly folk?

Close but no cigar!     From the moment my feet hit the ground here, I was drawn to the lovely old-fashioned feel to be found within a five-minute drive of anywhere.      Really it is almost frosting on the cake that every year when the kids come home on vacation, we are able to introduce my granddaughter to a ‘new’ bit of living history like Ross Farm Museum, eh?

As a culture, we tend to set a premium on old things.     Original antiques and handcrafted rugs command top dollars.     Older homes are sought after treasures to be lovingly restored to their original glory.    Even old-fashioned values seem to carry more moral authority, hmmmm?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if prospective adopters felt the same way about older pets?      If there was a premium on their experience?     If more mature pets were sought after treasures to be appreciated for the special Zen they bring to any space?    If the very act of adopting a senior pet was valued as a living demonstration of the core value of compassion?

If its tough to be a senior pet … that holds true in spades for a bonded pair!     Happily for Rusty and Pepper,    the kind folks at SHAID are determined to find someone with enough heart to adopt both of these bonded lovelies together!

I never really thought of myself as a poodle person until I started fostering.     To be perfectly honest, I had pigeonholed them as being best suited for little old ladies, eh?    And no snickering please because freewheeling down to sixty next month still does not make me an old lady, eh?

Since then, I have discovered that even miniature poodles are big dogs in little dog bodies.    Except for the first few days when Hazel was recovering from mastitis, every poodle that I have shared space with has had no trouble keeping up with the big dogs.     Each and every one of them has been loyal and devoted and so very, very full of heart!

So it was a big fat surprise to call SHAID this morning and find that Rusty and Pepper are still Happy Tails in Waiting!     Still!   Huh!

To be perfectly honest, I actually envy the kind heart who is savvy enough to understand what a blessing a bonded pair are!    Their personalities are already set, so there will be no mysteries waiting for their new family!    Even better, they will be double the fun to play / walk  and snuggle with!   Best of all is that they will settle in more easily because they will have the familiar comfort of each other!

What time is it?    It is always time to remember that senior pets are more experienced at love!


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