On painting the whole picture …

I love doing little garden projects with my granddaughter!    Sometimes the apple never falls far from the tree and she is as enthusiastic as I am about getting her hands dirty in the garden!    This year we planted a row of fall carrots …. and with a little bit of luck we might even see some shoots before she heads back home to Ontario!

In between, she has been regaling me with such descriptive stories about school that I have practically been sitting in the seat next to her.     It does me good to know that she also seems to have picked up the gift of gab, eh?    Really it is just frosting on the cake that our chats serve to connect us so well by painting such a very good picture!

When it comes to adoptable pets, a picture is not really worth a thousand words.   Even in a small province like this … even when the weather is lovely like this … it can easily take a day or even two for some folks to travel to some shelters or groups.

Before getting behind the wheel, adopters are quite understandably going to need to have a sense of ‘who’ the pet is!    Are they good with cats?   Kids?   Other dogs?    Are they crate trained?   Leash trained?    It is all very fine and well to include contact information for the group instead of writing an actual pet bio … but the plain unvarnished truth is that most folks do not want to engage in a dialogue without having any sense of the pets personality and behavior!

Take for instance, a hypothetical adopter who might be looking for a poodle or a poodle mix.     Right here, right now, there are three listings to choose from.    There is Rizzo, who is listed on Petfinder and is at the Cape Breton SPCA.     Then there are a bonded pair, Rusty and Pepper, who are listed on the SHAID Facebook Page  .    And then there is Piper, who is listed on Petfinder and is at the Yarmouth SPCA.



What an appealing picture!   Well we do know that Rizzo is house trained and up to date on shots.  Even better, Rizzo has a lovely little writeup “This little cutie is Rizzo!! Rizzo is a high energy but lovable girl who is on the hunt for the perfect home. This little beauty would be the perfect match for someone looking to add a medium sized, lively dog to include in day to day activities. Rizzo is a bit nervous when she meets new people, but comes around fairly quickly with lots gentleness and patience. Her favorite things are walks, toys, and tasty treats. She plays very well with other dogs who share a similar play style, and did well when tested with cats. Rizzo will be spayed before she leaves our care. Rizzo has world of potential ahead of her. Will you be the lucky person to help her reach it?

The fee to adopt a Dog from the Nova Scotia SPCA – Cape Breton Branch is $140 for unfixed dog, $250 Fixed. This fee includes first vaccine, first de-wormer treatment, first flea treatment, first vet visit.
When you adopt from the SPCA, besides giving an animal a second chance at life, you are giving him or her a forever, loving home!

SHAID is clearly pulling out all the stops for this brother and sister!     Besides a full photo album, they tell us that ” Rusty and Pepper are both 8 years old… they are brother and sister and at this time, SHAID will be trying to adopt them together. They have been with each other their whole lives and it would be best to keep them together. Pepper a is black, female and Rusty is an apricot, male. They are French Poodles, both are great dogs. They have been around other dogs and children….. they have not been around cats. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL SHAID AT 543-4849.
P.S. Pepper did not like her picture taken and closed her eyes almost every time. RR

And this from the shelter that is actually an easy drive from the city!



And someone just plunked poor little Piper up on the desk to snap a quick pic.    What do we know about Piper?     Besides that Piper is a girl and that she is house trained, spayed and up to date on vaccines?    Not a blessed thing!      Sadly the same shelter that bemoans the shortage of adopters … the same shelter that is at least a good days drive from over half the population in this province … can only be bothered to put the same blurb on ALL their petfinder listings.    “Please visit http://spcans.ca/branches/yarmouth-branch.html and fill out an on-line application to adopt one of our loving dogs who are searching for their fur-ever homes! Or you can email info@yarmouth.spcans.ca for more information! Thank you for your interest!”   

Now … before the keyboards catch on fire, most groups now understand the value of a well written appealing pet bio!     Things have certainly come a long way from the days when ARC, SHAID, NS Lab Rescue, The LA Shelter, ECGSR and the TLC shelter were the only ones taking the time to do nice writeups for their adoptables!   Nor is this a ‘pick on Yarmouth’ blog post.     To be fair, they are not the only ones expecting a picture to be worth a thousand words, just the only ones with a poodle mix listed right now.

What time is it?  It is always time to remember that potential adopters are looking for a new member of their family!       It is simply a fact of life that if adoptions have slowed down and surrenders are up that there has never been a more important time for rescues and shelters to pull out all the stops!

Please CLICK HERE for Rizzo’s Petfinder listing

Please CLICK HERE for Rusty and Pepper’s listing on the SHAID Facebook Page

Please CLICK HERE for Piper’s Petfinder listing!


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